Daily Archives: 13 November, 2018

Weekend Snapshots

Our weekend seemed extra long – and not just by a day or two. Chad said it was since we actually did something Friday night – HA.

Highlight of our weekend was participating in a curling bonspiel with my work Friday and Saturday.

The theme was denim on denim which made it extra fun 🙂 We also had my brother and his girlfriend babysit on Saturday night and went to the after party, I took one lame photo 😉

Saturday was also Avery’s 5th birthday! We had coffee and treats at a local coffee shop in the morning, then coloured at home before going to the curling rink.

Family photo, a big win – I never remember them on birthdays!

We spent all of Sunday at home! We made waffles, worked out, baked, cleaned, set up the girls new Christmas tree and did a lot of colouring and crafts.

Avery is colouring obsessed – she coloured this all by herself!

Monday was pretty awesome too – a stat holiday where kids go to school and adults have the day off?! Yes! We had Chloe home with us so ran errands – including the mall, which she never gets to go to and I was reminded of why. But we had lunch and one on one time with her which never happens. Later she boycotted her nap so we picked up Avery and painted more:

Finally she passed out on the couch at 3pm – thankfully since we had a family birthday supper out.

Our unicorn lover had to have her picture in this:

And Chloe trying on my brother’s hat and glasses:

And that is a wrap to our long weekend!