Daily Archives: 3 December, 2018

Weekend Snapshots

It was officially our snowmageddon weekend! It started Friday night and did not stop for almost 48 hours!

We had to travel on the highways which was sketchy at times but we made it! The girls had their first sleepover and everyone survived! They were so excited and did not miss us at all they said 🙂 We had Chad’s Christmas party and we got a photo!

A photo of a photo 😉 I had ordered a new dress but it came and was too big so it was back to one my trusty older ones!

Sunday morning after picking the girls up we went with my family to “Brunch with Santa” – the girls were unsure at first but as soon as Santa asked them to sit with them they melted:

Since the weather was not cold with lots of fresh snow we spent time in the backyard to burn off some energy:

I find winter challenging sometimes as I feel like the girl’s need constant activities to avoid too much TV time which can be tiring. We also made Christmas garlands for the girl’s rooms and made muffins.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!