2/10 Years

This weekend me and Chad took a mini getaway for our second wedding anniversary and our tenth anniversary of being together. When it came to where we should go there was no question that we had to head west to the mountains since we had been out there the past two Septembers and loved it and ever since of June trip to Canmore we fell in love with it. It is not only beautiful but quaint and way quieter than Banff. Here is why I love this area in the fall:


On Friday we left town and headed the 2 hours west. We booked into a condo for the weekend and we very happy with it!



View from our condo deck:


Friday we took it easy, wandered around Canmore, did some shopping and then found the best patio for supper at a restaurant called Wood.


The view was amazing from this patio! And the weather was perfect, sunny, and barely any clouds in the sky. For supper Chad had a pretty looking pasta dish:


And I had shrimp tacos.


We also both had a couple drinks to celebrate 🙂

It was a early night for us Friday since we were both tired by 8pm!

Saturday morning we walked downtown for breakfast and coffee. Sadly, the coffee place we went to was a bit of a flop for me, Chad liked his drink but my latte was probably the worst I have had. We enjoyed breakfast at a little cafe, food was awesome but the service was a bit slow.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to find a few trails. First stop was actually the dog park! But it had nice trails, a gorgeous pond and great views!



After we headed to Grassi Lakes, which for those of you that are curious, it is just past the Nordic Center. It was a easy hike that lead up to two beautiful ponds.






There were tons of rock climbers up here too!

It was a easy hike but we still made it high up:


I also made a little friend up top:


He even crawled onto my hand!

We took a few other walks in the afternoon and took way too many photos!




Since Chad paid for most of the trip I thought I had to treat him as well and I booked us massages for Saturday after our hike. I wish I could have brought my masseuse back with me! It was the best massage ever, and Chad agreed his was also awesome. If you are ever in Canmore check out Verde Day Spa.

After our massages we headed back to the condo to shower and clean up for supper. Friday night Chad spotted a pizza place so he had made up his mind on where we were going. No surprise there! The restaurant was called Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. It was really busy so instead of waiting we took a seat at the bar at ate there. I ordered the Farmer’s Market which had veggies, pesto and goat cheese and Chad had some sort of meat pizza 😉 I enjoyed a glass of Rose with my pizza. It was perfection 🙂 All the pizza’s were fire cooked in a big rock stove.

pizza and wine

I am actually a little sad right now that I am not back at that bar enjoying pizza and wine with Chad!

Earlier in the day we had found out two of our friends were camping in Banff so after supper we decided to go for a visit. A few drinks for me (one for the DD Chad) and a night by the fire friends and  Nutella s’mores was perfect!

This morning we decided we’d head back to Wood for breakfast since we eyes up their menu and it looked pretty tasty. We got there about 8:30am thinking it might pick up around 9am. We were the first ones there and got to pick our seats so we sat right by the fireplace and enjoyed our breakfasts and coffee in complete silence. Nobody else came into till we were done!

I had french toast and Chad had eggs benedict.

chad breakie


I begged Chad to stop in Banff before we went home so I could go to Lululemon and thankfully he gave in finally. But the bad news? I did not find anything there. I was looking for a new tank but the only one I liked it the same one I already have two of so I decided to save my $50.

We made it back home early this afternoon so had enough time to get groceries and clean our house before the work week begins. And since when is it the last weekend in September??! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and the perfect weekend we enjoyed together. I just sometimes have to stop and remember how lucky I truly am. It is hard not to get caught up in the not so good things in life but then I remind myself for every one not so good thing I have hundreds of really good things which I truly grateful for.


What are you grateful for today?

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