A Colorful Weekend

This post really should just be a Color Me Rad recap since I really did not take much photos to share besides of the race, and even those photos are mostly courtesy of others!


We had my family over for supper, then my brother stayed the night and me and Chad went to see X-Men. Before Avery was born we promised each other we would go on monthly date nights without Avery and I am so proud to say we have stuck with that every month Smile The movie did not start till 9pm which meant I did not get to bed till midnight, not too smart since I had a 5:30am alarm for Saturday.


5:30am alarm for the race. Of course a mandatory Starbucks stop before we hit the road to Calgary for the race, I drove down there with a few friends.

Pre-race photo:


I bought this outfit over a year ago for this race since last year it was rescheduled due to the floods and I could not make it for the new date.

The race was at Canada Olympic Park, and they said there was not on site parking (unless you had a VIP pass) so we parked across the street and walked over. Once on site we grabbed our packages which included really awesome t-shirts and sunglasses – you will see these hot nee orange sunglasses below Smile I had planned to meet up with some blogger friends and we located each other fairly quickly at check-in.

There was tons of tents with vendors there so we checked out most of them, Clif was there with yummy samples, McDonalds with free coffee, Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water and more. At one tent they were challenging people to a two minute plank and Kaella thought we should all do it! I have been practicing my planks nightly so that helped me hold it for the two minutes.

They had a stage set-up where the Color Me Rad crew was tossing out color bombs, so before we hit the start line we headed there get colorful and bust out some dance moves.


Before long we were looking pretty colorful! A few pre-race photos:




The course itself was not easy, the first half was all uphill, since it was a fun race we all stuck together and walked and ran as we felt like it.

Before we knew it the finish line was in sight – I have no idea our time since that was not the point of this run Winking smile



Post race photos, top photo is with my friends I went with and bottom is with my blogging buddies – and a couple of photo-bombers Winking smile After we went to the beer gardens for a drink and tried the new Bacardi Coconut Water coolers which were pretty good but also pretty sweet for me.

Side note – I love that I got to meet up with Kaella, Tawyna, and Becky for this race and I met Jen for the first time! Blogging has allowed me to make some really great friends all over the place and I am so thankful I started this crazy little blog for that reason.

Sadly I could not join the girls for a post-race brunch since I had to get home so we could head to another commitment – next time for sure!

After I was home, showered and back to normal color we packed up to go out to Chad’s Dad’s land for a family BBQ. Thankfully, Mother Nature somewhat cooperated and while we saw no sun we also did not see rain. We enjoyed visiting with everyone, ate too much dessert (we also celebrated three birthdays) before heading home since it was past Avery’s bedtime. We had planned to stay over night but were just not organized enough to do so. The only photo I got was of Avery and her “cousin” Titan:


I was in bed by 10pm and out like a light!


I woke up to see 7:54am on the clock! What?! We all needed extra sleep I guess. Me and Chad both got in our workouts when Avery went for a morning nap then we decided to go out for brunch since we had a gift certificate.

We went to the Black Knight Inn for brunch and it was not bad, no Heritage Ranch but your typical brunch buffet. Avery of course loved it, anything with food and people makes her happy…She is such a social butterfly.

Our afternoon was pretty uneventful, it was raining out so we did chores, watched TV, played with Avery and I did blog work.

I find this weekend odd, it is kind of the long weekend but not really since Canada Day falls on the Tuesday so Chad works today and has tomorrow off. Be back tomorrow with a fashion post of Avery’s mini shopping trip.


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