A Day In My Life

Since my life is very different than it was the last time I did one these posts I thought I would give you guys a sneak peek into our daily lives right now. It is fun, crazy and by 8pm I am ready for bed!

6:30am – Alarm goes off. Yes, I set an alarm still but 50% of the time Avery or Chloe are up before it. Go downstairs to breakfast in the crockpot (steel-cut oats).


6:45am – Avery gets up. We eat breakfast. Breakfast went unpictured but was enjoyed with coffee too of course.

7:00am – Clean up from breakfast. Chloe wakes up.

7:00-8:00am – Feed Chloe, clip girl’s nails, Avery has some TV time and we hang out until Chad leaves to work.

20160517_080802 20160517_080809

8:00-9:00am – Get myself and the girls ready. Not too much to do today since we are going for a run.

9:00-10:00am – 4.5km run with the girls which is NO joke! And a stop at the playground then to get the mail.

20160517_090930 20160517_094022 20160517_095820

10:00-11:00am – I shower & get ready then feed Chloe, play and read books. I find getting ready for me is key, even if I am not going far I feel much more human!

20160517_101759 20160517_110032

11:00am-Noon – Make lunch while Avery plays with Play-Doh and Chloe watches from her bouncy chair and eventually falls asleep. Lunch today is a snack plate Avery and I share:

20160517_111253 20160517_111914

Noon-2pm – Girls nap and I get one or two things done on my list, then relax if nobody woke up early. Today, Chloe woke up half way through her nap but I got her back down. I planted some flowers, swept the floor then made a smoothie and watched HGTV.

20160517_123259 20160517_125914

2-2:30pm – Feed Chloe, make Avery a snack and pack up to head out for the afternoon. I always aim for an afternoon outing of some kind. Today we head to Sunnybrook Farm but first stop at buy cupcakes from our favourite place.

2:30-4:30pm – Cupcakes and Sunnybrook Farm!

20160517_143412 20160517_145221 IMG_8289 IMG_8197  IMG_8321

4:30pm – Home before Chloe is too mad and hungry – YAY! Feed Chloe, Avery gets to watch a show and I start supper prep.

5:15-6:00pm – Chad gets home and goes to workout (he works out 2-3 nights a week after work). I make supper. Like breakfast it went unpictured. There is a 50/50 chance Chloe is fussy during this time which makes it interesting but we always survive!

6:15-7:00pm – Eat supper and clean up.

7:00-7:45pm – I feed Chloe, Chad baths Avery then we swap, he baths Chloe I get Avery ready for bed and read books, then he joins us. It is a crazy time some nights.

20160517_193716 20160517_194009

8:00pm – Our goal time right now to have Chloe asleep too. So far we do good but usually she falls asleep in the bouncy chair so we are going to get her into her crib sooner.

8:00-10:00pm – Our time, we do different things, tonight we did garage sale prep, then watched TV.

10:00-10:30pm – Chad gives Chloe a dream feed bottle and I pump.

10:45pm – Lights out!


12 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. P.Jeanne

    Sounds a little like my days 😉 I'm impressed that they get baths every night, that so does not happen around here lol! Those cupcakes, yum! Love the pic of the girls laying on the floor together <3

    1. arunningtale

      Oh they don't! haha. Avery does since she looses it if not but Chloe is every other night right now.
      The cupcakes were so good! She makes the best ones ever, and I am not even a cake fan usually!

  2. thebexfactor

    Busy mama! You're seriously my idol for running with both girls. You need to let me know when you get cupcakes so I can pop down and say hi!!

  3. sarah

    i'd say your life is pretty civilized for a 2 yr old and a 6 week old! has Avery always been such a good sleeper? My nearly 3 year old has always been a very early riser, and naps are very hit or miss!

  4. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Busy day! I love these types of posts. Always interesting to see how other moms spend their day.


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