A Day in the Life

It has been far too long since I gave you all a peek into my every day life – which is always fun to do! Here we go – but don’t expect fancy photos!

5:15am – Alarm goes off! Truth – I never hit snooze (mainly for fear I would not get up again!). I shower, blowdry my hair and then get ready:

My Beautycounter makeup essentials for every day!

Which is basically the Flawless in Five set! I swap between the lip gloss in bare shimmer and lip sheer in rose. As well I have recently added the new luminous powder highlighter in halo – which I LOVE and it doubles as my eyeshadow!

6:00am – On “lucky” days I can get ready before Chloe is up and even start breakfast. The calm before the storm:

6:30am – Breakfast (and coffee!) is ready:

I swap between smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt bowls for breakfast.

7:00am – Get the girls ready, wrestle Chloe down to attempt to do her hair. I am slowly learning how to do hair, even when it is while wrestling 😉

7:40am – Off to work, with my essential bags – purse, workout gear and lunch:

8:00am – First one at work means coffee duty – the most important task!

8-11:30am – WORK! Nothing exciting to share here. Most days my work involves working with our agency, social media posts and replies, website updates and other random projects.

Noon – Spin class! I try and use 2-3 lunch hours a week to workout which I love. It frees up my evenings and gives me a mid-day boost.

1:00pm – Back to work. I eat lunch at my desk while catching up on emails.

2:00pm – Mid-day break for Miracle Treat Day at DQ:

2-4:30pm – More work – again, too boring to share 😉

4:30pm – Head to pick up the girls, it was a hot one!

5:00pm – The only way I cook supper in peace and under an hour – TV:

6:00pm – Burrito Bowls for the win! Usually my goal is to have supper on the table by 6pm.

6:30pm – We head for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and heat:

7:15pm – Bath time:

7:30-8:00pm – Brush teeth, PJs, and read books before bed. A later bedtime than usual – but hey, it is summer!

8:00pm – Meal planning for Foodie Friday (post):

8:30-10pm – Watch TV with Chad before I hit the hay!

And that is a typical day for us!


One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Ambergwtrh

    Looks like a good day! I admit I'm feeling a bit anxious about going back to work in a few months, but it's nice to read posts like this and see how you fit it all in. I think I will definitely be bringing back lunchtime workouts as well to help fit my workouts in!!


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