About Me

I am a 30 some year old Wife, Mom and Marketing Manager from Alberta, Canada.

Our family consists of my husband, Chad, two daughters, Avery and Chloe and our slightly crazy cat, Scarlet.

My healthy living journey started in 2008-2009. I slowly started running out of pure enjoyment. During this time I also started to make what I like to think were healthier eating choices I was never over weight but I knew I could and wanted to be healthier. I have ran a full marathon, some half’s and many other races in the past few years.

In my free time I enjoy being active, running, hiking, golfing, (basically everything except swimming), being in my kitchen, especially when it comes to baking (major sweet tooth here!), reading, planning/organizing anything and being involved in my community.

Who is who?

Chad and I:

In November 2013 we welcomed our first daughter, Avery:usAvery 2.5 years old in all her glory:

NB_Chloe_Apr 16-0014

In April 2016 we welcomed our second daughter, Chloe:

NB_Chloe_Apr 16-0034

And Scarlet, our crazy kitty:


Family photo, September 2014:


Family photo April 2016:

NB_Chloe_Apr 16-0002


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kaitlyn

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I love your wedding pictures (I always enjoy looking at other peoples wedding photos!) and to tell you that you are such a beautiful girl!

  2. kerihanson

    Somehow I stumbled across your IG feed, & am finally checking out your blog. What a great space! I'm a new mom, runner, fitness enthusiast, & blogger also. Look forward to learning healthy living & mom tips from your blog. Cheers!


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