30 Before 30

I am 30, and came close to finishing my list, I am still planning to cross off more items in my 30th year!

1. Become Mom

2. Have no credit card debt

3. PR at a race (10km or half marathon)

4. Pay for a strangers drink at Starbucks drive through

5. Refinish a piece of furniture

6. Learn how to sew (again)

7. Enjoy a weekend that is completely technology free

8. Go completely sugar free for one month – one week attempted!

9. Plan a 5 year anniversary trip with Chad – Hawaii in Fall 2015

10. Run through a sprinkler

11. Go paddleboarding

12. Dance in the rain

13. Do a headstand

14. Learn how to make latte art

15. Be able to do a unassisted chin-up

16. Stay in bed till noon and watch movies

17. Go away on a girls weekend

18. Get a new hair style

19. Re-design my blog

20. Go on a yoga retreat

21. See the Grand Canyon

22. Go on an overnight hiking trip

23. Take another photography course…or two

24. Run along the ocean

25. Make homemade ice cream

26. Go star gazing with Chad

27. Go to a chocolate and wine tasting

28. Send a friends flowers (or similar) for no reason

29. Build a decent sized savings account

30. Start to learn how to play the piano




4 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. Heather

    It looks like you can cross a few more item off the list even if it is after 30 (I won't tell anyone) 🙂


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