On September 18, 2010 I married my best friend, Chad. At the time I worked as a event planner so I was overly excited to plan my own wedding and insisted on doing 90% of the work by myself… I was crazy – I know. but I was able to be creative in my own way and really add in personal touches this way.

We were married in Lacombe, AB – a smaller town about 15 minutes away from our city. We picked this location for a couple reasons, the reception venue, as well we were married in the same church my grandparents were 50 years earlier.

Having a fall wedding was my dream but I did not want the typical fall colors – red/brown/orange combo. After much thought we finally decided on green and chocolate brown. Our wedding was all about the details and showing our personalities through them.

We had a larger wedding party, 12 of us in total. I loved this because we were able to include everyone in our special day. I will introduce each member of the wedding party in a photo later on.

Where I live it could be plus 25 on September 18th or it could be 0 and snowing… I would say we got somewhat lucky and it was about 12 and overcast (better for photos) – but the day before and after it poured rain.

To say it was the best day of our lives would be a understatement. The day was perfect. I broke up the day into a few sections, getting ready, the ceremony, the reception and photos to make the read a bit easier.


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