Our ceremony was at 1pm at St. Andrews Church in Lacombe. My Mom walked me down the aisle, this was a no brainier decision for me. My Mom is a single Mom and had raised us alone for the previous 20 years. It was fairly simple ceremony and I decided to go minimal on the church decor since it is a beautiful church and I wanted the church’s unique atmosphere to show through.


Me and my Mom we were both so nervous!


I remember thinking to just stare ahead at Chad and to try and not get too emotional. I did really good but the second I hit the stairs nerves hit and I just remember being nervous in front of everyone. We both got through the vows with no problem and before we knew it we were sealing our marriage with a kiss!


IMG_0771 (640x427)

IMG_0738 (640x427)

IMG_0794 (640x519)

Our ceremony was fairly short, which was how we wanted it. We kept the vows, scripture readings to a minimum.

A few other points on the ceremony:

– Chad wore a bow tie, I loved it and think it gave our look a vintage feel with my birdcage veil.

– Chad’s amazing Mom worked in a floral shop years ago and is very creative – she did all the bouquets and we bought all the flowers at Costco.

Next up, time for photos!


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