Getting Ready

I guess this is a bit more than just getting ready, we will start at the day before the wedding.  The whole wedding party (plus some other super great friends/family members) helped us decorate the reception venue and then we moved across the street to have our church rehearsal.

For our rehearsal supper we decided to keep it small and easy, and booked a private a area at a local restaurant for just us and our wedding party. That night my bridesmaids all stayed at my place and Chad and the boys stayed at his Mom’s.

The morning of we woke up bright and early and headed to my salon to get our hair done. I knew what I wanted for my hair, simple and me – nothing big or fancy and it had to be back. My hair dress nailed it!


One of my bridesmaids (best friend) is awesome at doing makeup so right from day one I knew she would be in charge of my makeup the day of. We had practised a few times and being that she knows me and sees me weekly I knew it was a much better option than having a stranger doing my makeup.


The dress – dress shopping was easy for me. I knew what I wanted and knew what would not look good on me – I am very petite – at my best I am 5’2″ (I round up here) and I am not curvy – no hips at all. This meant no big dress for me. I wanted something simple and fitted – no lace and no beading. After only a few trips out with my Mom we found my dress. My shoes were ordered from DSW and perfect, though I do admit to maybe buying them because of their name “Vamp”.


I wanted to add something to my attire since I had a simple dress – enter my bird cage veil (Etsy buy) – I loved this piece, it had a removal veil that I wore for the ceremony and then took off and kept only the flower in. My jewellery was simple as well. Pearl drop earnings and a pearl necklace . The pearl necklace was a very sentimental piece for me, my Grandpa (who passed away in 1996) had gave it to my Grandma on their wedding day, 50 years earlier.



One other key element I wanted in my dress was a pearl button dress, I am sure my Mom loved getting all those buttons done up!

IMG_0693 bw


I knew I wanted to wear pink in some way on my wedding day, at first I thought maybe it would be my shoes but when I found this garter on Etsy I knew it was my pink piece.


Here we are all ready to hit the road!


From left to right – Leslie (friend since grade 9), Mandy (friend sine grade 2), ME, Alisa (friend since grade 9 and BEST maid of honor ever), Jolyn (friend since grade 9) and Meghan (met at first job after University in 2007).

Off to the ceremony…


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