Family photos were first up, we took them just outside the reception venue so that our family did not have to go far. It was a tad chilly out, so we tried to get them done quick!

My family, from left to right, My youngest brother, Preston, my brother, Tanner, Chad, Me, and my Mom.

IMG_0825 (640x498)

Me and my brothers, they are six and nine years younger than me. While they may have been a pain growing up, I love them to bits.

IMG_0843 (427x640)

My family plus my Grandma:

IMG_0818 (640x497)

Us with Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad:

IMG_0863 (640x465)

Us with Chad’s Grandparents, Dad and Step-Mom:

IMG_0846 (640x427)

After family photos we headed to a few locations for the rest of the photos with our wedding party.

The boys:

boys wedding

From left to right – Andrew (friend since middle school), Kyle (friend since middle school), Chad, Brandon (best man and college friend), Devon (friend since elementary school) and Riley (friend since middle school).

The girls:

IMG_0907 (640x480)

Downtown Lacombe is very historic, all the brick buildings really add to the feel, so I knew we had to get photos there.

IMG_1077 (640x427)

They also have murals painted in the alleys which added the perfect backdrop to the photos:

IMG_1041 (640x427)

IMG_1003 (640x427)

The last location we went for photos was a golf course. Me and Chad and our photographer headed out on a golf cart to take our photos:

IMG_1103 (640x427)

IMG_1109 (427x640)


IMG_0982 (427x640)

For our thank you cards I printed off these signs for us to hold in a picture and then made them into cards:

IMG_1036 (427x640)

Finally it was time to party!! Follow us to the reception…


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