Our reception was held at Lacombe Memorial Centre. We could not wait to celebrate the day with all our loved ones.

Chad picked our entrance song… For Those About to Rock… after we were all seated our Emcee started the evening. Our Emcee was Chad’s Step-Sister, who did a fantastic job.

IMG_1197 (427x640)

For our head table we had the tables put together in more of a dinner table shape versus long rectangle. Our hope was this would be it easier to interact with each other.

IMG_1141 (640x427)

Now for a few of the details:

We had two wedding favours  below is the Jones pop which we had custom made with one of our engagement photos on it and a little message from us on the back. There was two flavors – root beer and green apple soda. The second favour was homemade Oreo truffles in dark brown favour boxes tied with green ribbon. I made the 160 truffles, placed each one in a box (which had to be assembled too) and tied each one with ribbon – it was a labour of love 🙂 I did have some wonderful help too!

IMG_1161 (640x427)

IMG_1130 (427x640)

The centrepieces were green silk hydrangeas in a rectangle vase – more or less. I had wanted real hydrangeas for these but was told it was too hard to keep them and they were too fragile, so fake it was. Chad’s Mom put these together – I am not creative or handy when it comes to things like this, so she saved the day here. I printed the table numbers on matching paper (and fonts) to our invites and placed holders in each centrepiece for these to be in. I also had two small votives on each table filled with vanilla hazelnut coffee beans and a candle in each one on the tables.

IMG_1171 (427x640)

I bought all our wedding linens…  the local rental companies were too pricey and I did not like their selection so I ordered a 160 white chair covers, 160 green silk chair sashes and 25 chocolate brown silk table runners.

IMG_1172 (427x640)

After the wedding I sold these for the same price I bought them all for and broke even,

We decided to go not traditional and have cupcakes instead of a cake, we had three flavors – pina colada, root beer float and cookies and cream. I loved them all…no surprise there though!

IMG_1146 (427x640)



For on the dance floor we had a custom designed decal printed. I had seen this next idea online and since my friend and bridesmaid worked at a local sign company and is super creative I enlisted her help on this one. it was a vinyl for the dance floor and measured about 4 feet in width. again, it was about the details!

IMG_1157 (640x427)

IMG_1154 (640x427)


We wanted to have a fun reception and details like this next one added to that feeling….


We had a slush machine with two flavors – pina colada and margarita. The guests loved this! You will see little tent cards on top of the machine I made these for each food item at the buffet as well (the paper also matched the table numbers).

This is on the guest book table – we also included some engagement photos here:

guest book

I created our guest book on Mixbook using our engagement photos, I thought this was a fun way to use our photos as well for everyone to see them, it also made for an awesome keepsake.

The speeches… We kept the speeches to a minimum, only having a combined Best Man and Maid of Honour speech and then our speech. There was a open mic time too where people could speak but besides that we cut all the typical speeches out. I find that many times people are forced to speak when they do not want to and it makes it uncomfortable all around so we did not want that for anyone.

Maid of Honour’s speech – it was the best ever, perfect combo of funny and mushy. And so much emotion:

IMG_1232 (430x640)

Best Man’s speech…

IMG_1239 (640x427)

We had written our speech about a week prior at Starbucks one afternoon. It was written in that we would both say the speech and take turns, however I was not confident I would be able to speak without getting overly emotional so we decided to play it by ear, Chad knew he would be fine! As you can see from the photo I was fine and we did the speech together.


CAKE TIME! – This was our cupcake tower. I made Chad promise not to smash cake into my face, he kept his promise I am happy to say!

IMG_1217 (425x640)

We had a local lady make our cupcakes and by the four I ate that night its safe to say they were delicious. In order to get more people to eat them, this WAS the dessert along with fruit. No other desserts.

From there the party got started, our first dance:

IMG_1258 (640x427)

Then the bouquet toss, garter throw and of course dancing – it was a great night. Lots of photos were taken but I wont post all that craziness on here 😉 We shut down the party (literally we were the last people to leave) around 2am and headed home -I wanted to sleep in my bed after the long day and not at a hotel.

September 18, 2010 is a day I will never forget.


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