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Originally I had planned to do a relationship type post for today but then I saw this fun questionnaire floating around social media so decided to share it instead, plus added some more questions. I love reading these posts so I hope you guys enjoy too!

Who is older? Chad is by 16 months.

Same high school?  Nope, we met three months after I graduated.

Most sensitive?  I think we are equally insensitive, we joke about it often.

Worst temper? Probably me, Chad does not get phased by much.

More sarcastic? Chad.

More social?  Me – I think, though we are probably fairly similar in this area.

Spends the most? No question there – ME.

Length of Relationship? 14 years and 5 months – so crazy!

First Date? A movie (Blue Crush) with friends.

More athletic? Chad for sure. Like I always say, I run but do not play sports.

Who makes the most mess?  Chad – haha. I have OCD problems 😉

Wakes up first?  Me – I am up at 5am during the week and he sleeps until 6am usually.

Bigger family?  Chad.

Who cooks the most?  Me – I enjoy cooking and am faster at it 😉 Chad does BBQ in the summer though – that is one thing I do not use.

Who eats more sweets? I eat a lot of chocolate and we both have huge sweet tooths, but Chad might beat me here.

Who cries the most?  Neither – haha. Back to the sensitive question 😉

Better singer?  Again, neither! Though we used to pay a lot of Rockband in University! haha

Hogs the remote?  Chad, well he does not hog it but I hate looking at TV listings.

Better driver?  I will have to give to Chad for sure.

Most patient?   I have no patience and Chad might have a little more but we are fairly close in this one – again.

Furthest we have traveled together? Had to look at Google Maps, but looks like Hawaii wins. Next would be Costa Rica and the Bahamas I think.



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  1. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Aw what a fun post! Can't believe how long you two have been together! That's awesome! I don't use the BBQ either. Stresses me out lol.


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