Arizona Part II

We are back home! We had a great trip but like usual we are happy to be home, and Scarlet is thrilled we are home. She can be quite the grumpy cat when we are gone.

So I left off over a week ago and to cover the whole week would require me to write a small novel so instead I am going to stick to the highlights Smile

On Monday and Tuesday we drove to Lake Havasu to see my friend Priscilla. We have known each other for almost two years (I think?!) but have only met in person twice now so it is a HUGE treat getting to see her. And this year I got to meet her little boy born a couple weeks before Avery.


It was a great 24 hours with them, they spoiled us with yummy food, we chatted LOTS, we took a walk, and took the the babies in the spa,

Avery and Jason:



Thanks again P (and your Mom) for hosting us!

The next highlight was not for me but for Chad, he got to drive a Lamborghini. It was a gift from his Dad and Step-Mom and I am sure it made his year.


We went to the Wildlife Zoo, Avery even enjoyed herself, she loved the fish, monkeys and her favourite was the penguins.

This kangaroo is not dead, though it does look like it Winking smile



Monkey`s lived on these islands all around the zoo:







We spent many hours by the pool, Avery started off with liking it for about 15 minutes at a time and by the time we left she would be in there for 45 minutes!







We had a couple of my friends come and visit us for a day/night since they were also in Arizona!


One little low light was I caught not one but two outer ear infections, I had one about a year and a half ago and sadly once you have one they do come back. They are very different from a regular ear infection, in that you ear lobe hurts bad, it hurts to talk and chew since the canal between your ear lobe and ear drum is what is infected. Thankfully, I saw a Dr that got my drops and they worked quickly, then the next day I got the same thing in my other ear…Boo. It took a week before both ears were good, but Motrin helped for the pain and because it is not your ear drum they were not affected by flying.

All in all it was a great holiday, Avery did awesome (never cried of fussed once on our flight home) and we got in lots of visiting and sun. Watch for a post next week on our experience and thoughts on travelling with a baby.


And one last photo of Avery:



Where is your next holiday?

What is your all time favourite trip?

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