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What’s Next?

Coming off the heels off three half marathons in a year I knew my body (and mind) needed a change. I had tossed around “whats next” ideas all summer knowing myself all too well that I needed a plan. At the same time that plan had to have way less running involved.

Here is the thing as much as I love running and could run 7 days a week I know that is not good for me one bit and only leads to exhaustion on all fronts. It also has never helped me PR any race. Fact – my current half marathon PR came after the plan with the least amount of running!

So with no big races after Sea Wheeze it was time for a new focus and adventure for this girl! First thing I had to figure out was my goals in the “off” season.

My goals:

  • Gain strength – everywhere!
  • Improve my cardio
  • Give my legs a rest from pounding the pavement or treadmill

For a couple years now I have been going to a local spin studio, My Revolution, one day a week on and off and truly LOVE it. I mean cycling my heart out in a dark room with a disco ball to loud music?! Sign me up – yeah, I am a cardio junkie at heart. Knowing that I had to keep cardio in my routine, I like weight lifting and yoga too but they do not give me the same outlet as cardio.

And how beautiful is this place?!

Looking at my goal to improve cardio I knew up’ing my spin classes should help me in that area. If you have ever attended a spin class you will know why I say that – your heart is a pumping!

Lucky for me I have made my lunch hours work for me and have been able to get to spin classes twice a week for a six weeks now. And despite only running once a week for the past month my cardio has not decreased and I am able to run my faster 5km like I was back in half marathon training.

Another reason I have backed off running has been a tight glute/hip issue that has been nagging for months. Luckily it does not bother me when I run but I know it is not helping and flares up afterwards. Cycling is a lower impact workout so I have ha way less problem in the last few weeks – score!

Increasing my strength is another injury prevention method as often I seem to fin my weak areas are where I get injuries or annoyances. I know this year especially I have neglected strength training and have now committed to doing it two days a week through Beachbody or Fitness Blender  workouts – both are awesome (and often fast!) at home workouts.

I am going to continue on this plan for the remainder of the year and come 2018 I will be working on a plan & races for the year so that we can hopefully get closer to that 1:40 half!


Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend filled with lots off food, family, snow and some snow!


I think I worked out once the girls were in bed and probably worked on my dresser more – I finished both night tables and am onto the dresser!


We slept in until 7:45am. got ready and headed to Canmore for the day to get family photos done. We first had lunch at Communitea (our fav!), Chloe stealing all the food:

Then we met Whitney for photos and a few snowflakes started to fall! Besides some wind the weather was not bad at all though. The girls only lasted 30 minutes then wanted me to just hold them – fun times!

You can see their excitement in this photo – I promise it was not as bad as they look here!

After we stopped at the candy store and for coffee and headed home. It was short and sweet trip! But beautiful as ever:

Chad and I watched Baby Driver that night which I thought was just okay.


Snow was in the forecast but with partially sunny skies we headed out for a run, a few kilometers in my mom texted “are you running in this?” I thought weird, why would we not! I looked up to see a blizzard heading right at us – it was so crazy! We ran in snow for 10 minutes maybe before the sun came back out.

Our afternoon was spent prepping for Thanksgiving supper, eating too much food with my family.

The girls love to wear their dresses so we take any excuse to wear fancier ones!

Too much food:

We watched another movie that night, Chips which I liked a lot more!


A HIIT workout started my day from Fitness Blender – my favourite home workouts these days! We ran errands in the morning then in the afternoon we did Halloween crafts, baked cookies, I painted more, my brother and his girlfriend came over and went for a walk to the park – it was so nice out!

And that is a wrap on our long weekend!


Foodie Friday

So this week we saw snow – too soon! But luckily it melted fast. It was a blur of a week and I am not sure how it is Thanksgiving weekend already! I told myself I would take more photos this week an failed miserably – I took two.

Miss.C working hard on her laptop Monday after work:

And the girls chilling on the couch while I made supper Tuesday – I hate using the TV but it makes cooking supper etc so much easier!

Other than that I was once again thankful for lunch hour workouts since it seems to be the only time I have to workout now, I am working hard on refinishing our bedroom furniture ( two nightstands and our dresser) for a mini bedroom makeover and Wednesday I worked a 12+ hour day – OY.

I have been trying a lot of new recipes lately and had some awesome wins – that chicken pot pie soup from last week – SO good! I love trying new recipes but hate searching for them – meal plan takes me a solid hour these days!

Saturday – Cauliflower Fried Rice – Eat Yourself Skinny

Sunday – Thanksgiving

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Spaghetti & turkey meatballs

Wednesday – Salmon Tacos with mango salsa – Diet Hood

Thursday – Black Bean burgers (Costco) & salad

Friday – Spicy Tuna Avocado Wraps & sweet potato fries – Eat Yourself Skinny

This weekend we have family photos, and we are hosting Thanksgiving – I hope everyone enjoys this weekend with lots of food and family and friends 🙂


Chloe – 18 Months

I don’t know where to begin! But first – how on earth is this girl 18 months?!

Chloe has to be one of the happiest and goofiest kids. All she needs is food and good sleep and all is right in her world.

Her first love is food without a doubt. She eats almost anything she can (still no dairy!) and so far I have only found that she does not like perogies and kidney beans. She eats non-stop, or it feels like she does and there is a 80% chance if she is upset that she is just hungry.

Sleep wise she still naps twice a day on weekends with the naps being 1-2.5 hours each. She sleeps 12+ hours at night – if she can! She will lay in her crib silently until one of us comes to gt her.

I am pretty sure her third favourite is causing trouble, from ripping apart things to bugging Avery it is all fun for Miss.C. She keeps us on our toes every waking minute.

(Pulling A’s hair here…)

I spend a lot of time chasing her down for a variety of reasons while she runs away laughing. A few weeks ago she did this but with her favourite red crayon while hitting everything she could with it. That is Chloe.

She can repeat words really good, but says very few on a daily basis, up, mom, dad, more, yes, no, bye, hi… that is about all. We are working on talking more since she babbles non-stop!

Some of Chloe’s loves:

  • Anything that Avery loves, Chloe loves – which drives Avery nuts usually! I am sure this is something that will only get worse 😉
  • Chloe loves music and will stop and dance at 10 seconds of music no matter where she is.
  • Cuddles might be my favourite thing with Chloe – girl loves cuddles!
  • Climbing, she has started to climb furniture and thinks it is really fun, I do not 😉

Chloe has a shriek like none other and is not afraid to use it – luckily it is usually only at home or in the car she does this! But other than that she is pretty easy going – lets hope this continues into the two’s 😉

This shirt should say “all you need is love & FOOD”…

Happy 18 months Miss.C!



Weekend Recap

How is it October 2nd?! October is my busiest month work wise so I have a love- hate relationship with it. Saying that my posts will be sporadic this month.


I had the day off work but was busy! Starting with Avery’s field trip to the dentist, then my hair appointment and work at our rental house it was 4pm before I knew it.

After supper we went out on a walk as Avery had to collect fall nature items for “homework”. Last minute I grabbed my camera. I was so thankful I did as the light was perfect for photos.

The light made up for my messy kids and the fact that Chloe was screaming almost the whole time.

We watched a couple shows before heading to bed.


We had swimming lessons then went to Costco and did some other errands – exciting times 😉

Our whole day went without a single photo! We had to do the walk through at our rental and by the time we got home it was 4pm. My whole family ended up over for the evening and both girls were on cloud nine the entire time!

It was 9pm when everyone left so we called it a night and headed to bed!


The forecast called for a nasty day so we had planned not to run outside but after we had pancakes it still looked fine so we got ready and headed out for 9km. It was not bad at all and pretty nice!

Avery asked for a pj day so I agreed – we have never done this before! My Grandma came for a visit, I started re-doing our night tables and dresser and we enjoyed the day at home.

Chloe is Miss Helper these days 😉

I needed a quiet day with my busy week ahead!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!