Avery – 12 Months

If you have not heard yet Miss. Avery is ONE!! Though I have bombarded you all with posts about that… But one last post Winking smile

Weight: 17lbs 5oz

Length: 28”

Avery 12 months edited

She was not impressed with this month’s photo for the first time ever. I kept telling her this is the last one, then she was a tad happier Winking smile

She loves…

Books still, especially color ones right now.

– Walking with her walker toy.

– Mimicking everything we do, which is insanely cute.

– Getting into anything she should not.

She hates…

Being tired.

– Headbands and hair clips Sad smile Makes this Mom really sad to say this…

– Winter coats, mitts and toques. Too bad she will learn to love these stat.


Says, “hi”, “Mom” and “Dada”, and working on “kitty”

– Stands on her own BUT only when and if she wants to

– Can feed herself with a spoon and minimal mess

– You can ask her to get certain toys or objects and she will, books, her stuffed dog “Cancun”, a shape sorting toy, and her water bottle are the main ones.

– Spent her first week at dayhome and did GREAT!


Not much change, she still eats great though will get sick of certain foods (broccoli and meat especially) and will protest more if we give her these foods but eventually she eats them 😉 She is 100% weaned and has 4 bottles a day still that are half homogenized milk and half formula. Our transition to cow’s milk went really good so we will move off of all formula this month. At dayhome she eats really good I am told so that makes me happy!

Question to Moms – when do I move to sippy cups? I feel I should do this once she is off formula, so soon.


Still sleeps form 7:30pm to 6:30/7am during the week and sleeps in till 7:30/8am on weekends. Naps are hit and miss between 1-2 a day. At home with me she napped twice for an hour or so each time but at dayhome she is napping once for about 75-90 minutes. We notice she is more tired come bath time but she also is a lot more busy at dayhome and then there was the time change. I am sure she will fall into exactly what she needs during the day soon.

How is my baby ONE?! I am looking forward to this next stage of her being a toddler. I loved my baby time but it only gets better I hear!  Now that she is one I am also done monthly updates so you all have to wait a couple years for the next little one to get these again 😉

A few more photos:





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