Avery – 4 Months

One third of a year! Wow! All I can say is that time is flying but this little girl gets more fun but the day.

Avery four months edited

Weight: 11lbs – still tiny but as the Dr. put it, she gains slow and steady Smile

Length: 23

Avery went on her first holiday and turned four months while we were in Arizona (hence the late post). She was an awesome little traveller, and made us both very comfortable with travelling more with her in the future. She loved the warm weather, the walks and the pool! I will do a full post on our first holiday with a baby soon.

She loves…

– Attention! She will constantly smile and giggle at you if you give her any attention, you`d think we ignore her all the time!

– To `talk` – she found her voice and loves to sigh, squeal, and shriek all the time.

– Her play mat – she missed it so much on holidays!

– Standing, she constantly pushes up when we hold her so she can stand versus sit.

– Rolling over (or attempting to)

She hates…

– Being tired, she gets grumpy close to nap times, or in the evening but besides that she is one happy camper.


– Rolling! She started a couple weeks ago and rolled from her back to tummy and has done it one more time since. However, she loves to roll to her side and play there, and is always trying to flip onto her tummy.

– More, and more talking.

– She found her toes, and loves to grab them, especially when I am changing her!

– Not really a milestone – but we are into some 3-6 month clothes!

Eating – Very little changes from last month – every 3-3.5 hours during the day, her dream feed of a 4oz bottle at 10pm (Chad does this).

Sleeping – Still a great sleeper! She is in bed around 8pm, sleeps either till 6-6:30am or wakes around 5am to feed and then back to bed till 7:30am.

Changes coming…

The past few months we have gotten in a good little routine over here, Avery sleeps great, she eats well and for the most part we know why she is cranky. However in the next couple months we have some changes coming our way, and I hope she takes them all with grace Winking smile Here are the changes we are looking to:

– Cloth diapers – she is big enough now and we are not buying more disposables so this change is fairly immediate, its probably more change for me and Chad than her!

– Unswaddling at night – We are starting this weekend, we will start with one arm out and go from there. She is almost too big for her swaddle sack and she gets mad and kicks in it sometimes so we figured now was a good time, plus she can self soothe with her hands better this way.

– Feeding her food, I want to start soon with quinoa cereal vs rice cereal, and am doing some reading around that, then in a month or so I will start with mashed foods then we plan to follow Baby Led Weaning and use some mashed foods, we will probably just not do any purees.

– Naps in the crib when we are home. Right now she usually naps in the swing or on the couch, but in order for her to settle herself for naps she needs a quiet environment. Right now she still thinks its more fun to play in her crib during the day so we are working on this.

And that is about it for Miss. Avery`s 4 month birthday!


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