Avery – 6 Months

Happy half birthday Miss Avery! (A bit late since she turned 6 months on Saturday)


These past six months have been nothing short of amazing with our little girl. We say every day how lucky we are to have such an easy baby. Yes, I am tired at the end of the day some days but I have never been a walking zombie (yet) and she has not scared me off having more little ones! I love waking up every morning to her smile and her laugh is infectious. She makes me and Chad so very proud every day with everything she does, and we cannot believe that our little baby is turning into a little girl.

Weight: 13lbs 7oz

Length: 25”

6 mnoths old

She loves…

–  Her kitty! She loves Scarlet so, so much. She does this excited grunt whenever Scarlet is in view, its adorable.

– Food! Avocado and chickpea patties are probably her favourite but she has done so good with the into of solids and now moving into Baby Led Weaning.

– Her exersaucer, she can now reach all her toys in it, bounce around and turn herself to grab anything she wants. We jokingly call it the “circle of neglect”. However, her love for attention also means you cannot go out of sight while she is in it.

– Books – she gets really excited for her stories anytime of the day!

– The song “The Ants Go Marching..””. It is probably the only kid song I sing to her, but it puts the biggest smile on her face everytime.

– Jumping in her Jolly Jumper to the song “Happy” – by far her favourite song Smile

She hates…

– Being ignored, little girl loves all the attention!

– Being tired! She still can really only handle 2 hours of awake time most day, but according to what I have read that is right on track.


– Sits on her own, without any assistance.

– Has tried and liked so many foods, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, avocado, banana, apple, mango, pears chickpeas, broccoli, and homemade teething biscuits.

– Noises galore! I think she find a new noise to make daily, her latest love is grunting, very girly Winking smile

Eating – Breastfeeding is going good, she still eats every 3 hours during the day usually at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 615pm.

I am thinking this can extend to 3.5-4 hours soon. The last bf session was moved up in order to have her eat solids with us at supper. I prefer to always bf first so had to move this up to do so.

I already touched on solids above, but she has done great and amazed us! We are slowly transitioning into BLW now, so have started to offer more finger foods to her. I will continue on this was and also offer mashed foods for a few weeks while we switch over.

Sleeping – We are back to the 4-6am wake up to feed, then back to bed till around 7am. I really would love to get rid of this feed since I think she wakes out of habit and not cause she is really hungry (she still gets her 10pm dream feed) but am not sure how to go about this.

Last week we moved her bedtime up from 8:15pm to 7:30pm since she also has been slowly dropping her fourth nap of the day. Moving up her bedtime did not change her night sleep at all Smile

Naps…Avery has always been a good napper, not great but good. I still have to settle her since  if it was up to her she’d play in her crib and not sleep. She has always had a short morning nap about 90 minutes after waking, then a nap just before lunch and one mid afternoon – these can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours, then her last nap was around 4:30-5pm for 30 minutes. That last nap I knew she did not need but then it really meant having nap 3 extend to at least 4pm so that she does not get over tired. However, then this messes with feedings sometimes. Ack. So we are just trying to transition to this and figure everything out!

I think that is all we have to report at 6 months!


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