Avery – 7 Months!

Weight: 14lbs 7oz

Length: 26”

7 months edited

It is not an easy task to have a 7 month old sit still and not grab everything in sight to take a photo… proof:




Is it crazy to say I already feel like Avery is turning into a little girl vs a baby? Cause I do! And she is one little girl with a TON of personality and attitude.

She loves…

Talking – she talks non-stop, she can say tata, dada, yaya, baba, just not mama yet Winking smile Obviously nothing is in context yet. She also loves to grunt – what a weird baby!

– The grass, even when I put her down on a blanket she will pull it away to get at the grass and then eats it.

– Drinking water – This girl is obsessed with drinking water out of her sippy cup or in a glass with a straw.

– Food, we are so lucky to still have a great eater, meal times excite her and she will eat everything and anything. Some new foods this month, green smoothies, tilapia, turkey, chicken, lentils, black beans, ice cream, Greek yogurt to name a few.

– Her Daddy! Her excitement to see him walk in the door after work is just way too cute. I love that she does this now since she can be a Mommy’s girl at times.

She hates…

– Teething! With our luck we still will not see teeth, but this past week we finally started to teeth for real, full out cries, shoving things into her mouth and crying more and lots of tears. The months of chewing on things and drooling was not teething compared to this.

Like I say every month, she is so happy I cannot think of things she does not like. She cries for only a few reasons, she is really tired (but now she can be awake for close to 3-4 hours) or she is really hungry (again, this is rare since I feed her every few hours and she can go longer) or teething pain.


– New vowels – tata, baba, dada, yaya.

– Sleeping on her tummy. While she has rolled for months she never slept on her tummy till now.

– Imitation – she will repeat the above “words” to us if we say them, she will also imitate faces we make at her.


We did a week of nap training to move from 4 to 3 naps a day and now she pretty much sticks to three naps a day, one mid morning, one around lunch and one around 3pm. She still goes to bed at 7:30pm, sleeps till 4-5am, eats and back to sleep till 6-6:30am.

We tried some sleep training to get rid of the 4-5am feed but she’d still wake at 4am, fall back asleep then wake at 5am and not go back to sleep. So I went back to just feeding her when she wakes the first time.


I still breastfeed her every 3-4 hours during the day, for a total of 6 times a day plus her 10pm dream feed. We decided not to get rid of her dream feed till she sleeps from bedtime to after 6am straight since it is no hassle to us and Chad really enjoyed it. We are so lucky she has always fed so easily and we have had no issues breastfeeding. This is something I took for granted for the past 7 months and really should not have, it is a struggle for many and I feel for those who have issues.

She eats 2 or 3 meals a day of solids. I already noted some of the new foods we have tried above, but really anything goes and she typically eats food from our own meals. We backed off a bit with baby led weaning because she kept getting over confident on how much she should put in her mouth at once. I still do not do purees but rather smaller pieces or mashed food. Quinoa and lentils have become a staple in our house!

I still cannot believe I am writing my little girl’s 7 month post! Where has time gone?!


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