Avery – Eleven Months

One more month till this little gal is ONE! Wow! I honestly cannot believe it. Right now I am not sad at all about the milestone, more excited than anything but that might change Winking smile

Weight: 16lbs8oz

Length: 27.5”

Avery 11 months edited

I love that these monthly photos show her personality more and more every month. Avery is not shy at all, she is a social butterfly and loves people. Everywhere we go she makes friends, we are stopped numerous times just in the grocery store. She also is developing a sense of humour (totally from her Mom..of course) which I will talk about more below.

She loves…

– People (98% of them at least) and other kids.

– The cat’s water bowl – though we are working on the do not touch thing.

– Baby Einstein DVDs.

– Animals of any kind.

– Making a mess, she is our little tornado!

She hates…

– Being told no, or having things taking away from her.

– Going in her carseat (this is a new thing…)

– Getting her diaper changed


Says Mom, all day long, it is totally cute though, she follows me down the hall “Mom, Mom, Mom…”.

– Understands so much, from say hi/bye, to cuddle, kiss, I don’t know (she throws her arms up and shrugs) to kitty cat and more!

– Can stand on her own – sometimes, we are working on it!

– Temper tantrums – are these a milestone?! They are kind of funny, she rolls around on the floor, fake cries and looks back at me to see if I care at all.


As you can tell from her 1lb weight gain this month she LOVES food, and will eat anything and everything. She might not stop eating if I let her eat all day long! She is 90% weaned only nursing first thing in the morning and having a bottle at 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6:00pm. Weaning went great for us both with no complications Smile 

As this point I think she has tried almost every food under the sun and basically eats whatever we are eating plus added fruits and veggies. So thankful that she is not picky, yet.


We are still sleeping from 7:30pm to whenever we are up in the morning so between 6:30-8:00am. She will sleep in on weekends when we do Smile

Naps are at 2 a day. It was a tad rocky there for a bit with naps being under an hour leaving me frustrated. But she got back on track and now naps between 9:00-10:00am and 1:30-2:30pm (or 3:00pm sometimes).

A few more photos of our little gal:





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