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A couple weeks back Alison did a post of Miss Delainey’s adorable outfit and it inspired me to take some photos and post Avery’s outfits.

I am loving she is fitting into more and more every week, she has a tiny waist and longer legs (who would have thought?) so she is actually starting to be too long for some 0-3 moths pants.

Right now Old Navy fits her the best and Gap is a close second (it is a bit bigger) which is great since they are out two favourite places to get her clothes from.

I really cannot wait to dress her like a mini me – yes I am that Mom Winking smile I am not into into too girly for her – meaning we try ant stay away from tons of pink, frilly stuff etc.

Okay here are Avery’s outfits from the past week (oh and getting a photo of her still is getting increasingly harder!):

This could be my favourite piece of clothing for her right now, teal polka dot Gap sweater dress and leggings – this dress was $5.5o on Boxing Day:


Another Gap sweater dress but this time is leopard print. I bought this as one of her Christmas dresses from Once Upon A Child.


A lazy day outfit, pink kitty onesie from Gap and matching navy polka dot sweat pants:


This outfit feels so comfy, my friend Meghan bought it for her and we love it! It is from Old Navy, it says “Love” on it:


This outfit was a steal, $10.79 from Costco, Carters brand, came with the hoodie, a striped pink onesie and jeans. The jeans are too big so here she is wearing Gap jeggings:


Oh and I should mention her socks, we LOVE Old Navy socks, they are thicker and come up high so they actually stay on 50% of the time Winking smile

Action shot time, “its easy being cute” onesie from Joe, and grey heart print leggings from Old Navy, I made the headband:


Problem number two of trying to get a good photo of her these days, her obsession with her hands…Floral print tunic from Old Navy and ruffle back black leggings also from Old Navy:


Love her Gap jeggings, they are probably the most worn pants she owns, here it is with orange striped onsesie (Carters) and a white cardigan from H&M, hat was from my Mom:



Moms – where is your favourite place to buy baby clothes?

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