Avery – Nine Months

NINE months!! Where is time going? My baby has turned into a dependant little girl these days, and we are loving every moment of this new stage Smile 

Weight: 15lbs 5oz

Length: 27.5”

9 months edited

To celebrate 9 months we had a pool party and put on the sprinkler too, so it called for a bathing suit photo.

She loves…

Scarlet’s water dish, most times we are quick enough to move it to the counter but not always…

– Hitting things down (this could be a hate too), she has a little quirk that NOTHING can be stacked on top of each other. So we stack things around the livingroom for her to crawl around and hit down.

– High fiving and clapping and waving is still her favourite.

– Chasing Scarlet, Avery loves it, Scarlet hates it…

– Playing in the water, pool, water tables, bath time – any water!

She hates…

– Being hungry and patient at the same time. She wants constant food as soon as you put her in the highchair or else the attitude comes out!

– Being strapped into her carseat sometimes, I am thinking this is due to her wanting to be more independent these days.


– Crawling! Well, army crawling. I have lost any hope that she will actually crawl. She has done it and can but prefers to army crawl. While it looks like way more work she is pretty darn fast beating me to the cat’s water dish many times!

– Going down stairs properly. My Mom started to teach her to turn around at the stairs and go down them so that there were less incidents. We have three stairs into the livingroom where a gate cannot go so this was key for us. She caught on quick and now turns around whenever she gets to the stairs.

– Waving hi and bye all the time now, especially if people come in and out of the house. Last night we were at a restaurant waiting at the front door and she waved at everyone that came in, totally adorable Smile

– High-fiving and clapping too!

– Pulling herself into standing on anything and everything.


No change from last month – three naps a day, which are pretty predictable now, 8:30/9am, 11:30am and 3pm all lasting 1-2 hours. She goes to bed between 7:30 & 8pm and sleeps till 6:30-7am. We are really close to going down to two naps so I am guessing we might just need a week and will be down to two.


She breastfeeds four times a day and eats breakfast, lunch and supper with us and usually a snack too. She is a great eater and LOVES all food. I quit pumping for her 10pm dream feed bottle, we decided to keep it to help her gain some weight but are now using formula for it.


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