Avery – Ten Months

DOUBLE DIGITS! It feels like just yesterday I was saying that but it was for weeks not months. This little girl keeps us all on our toes these days, but we cannot complain when our day is filled with smiles and giggles.

This past month she also took her third and fourth plane rides and was so good, she played and slept without a peep! She made us very proud.

Weight: 15lbs 10oz (last week)

Length: 27.5” – A nurse helped measure her length and I know she did get taller by her clothes so maybe last month was wrong at the doctors?!

Getting these photos is getting tough, her hair clip is not in her hair but in her hands to keep her happy and not trying to climb off the chair.

10 months edited

A few other photos from our little shoot:

How she feels about toques, it will be a fun winter Winking smile 




She loves…

Commercials – the Diet Coke, Trivago and Telus ones are her favourites, she races to the TV if she cannot see it to watch them and claps for them.

– Opening drawers and cupboards and throwing everything out – lots of fun for me too Winking smile

– Cords and remotes or anything that babies should not play with.

– Climbing stairs

– Knocking over blocks, she has OCD when it comes to things being stacked and she’ll go around knocking it all over as fast as you put it up.

– AND just Monday she stood on her own! She took a step away from the rocking chair and just stood there, then sat down on her own. She attempted it a couple other times and face dived into the floor.

She hates…

– Her carseat…still not a fan.

– Being ignored, she likes ALL the attention.

– Getting dressed – this just started so I am hoping it is just a phase.


– Taking steps along furniture

– Mastering going up and down the stairs

– ACTUALLY crawling!

– Playing peek-a-boo when you ask her “where is Avery?”

– FOUR teeth! Two top and two bottom.


She sleeps from 7:30pm – 7am every night – which is awesome. Even on holidays she slept like this in the hotel rooms etc.

Naps are in a transition period right now from 3 naps to 2 naps. Three nap days are usually from 9-10am, 12-1pm and 3:30-4:30pm, two naps are 9-10:30am and 2-3:30pm. I have to say two naps a day are my preference, we started to move to that when her three naps were getting shorter and she did not settle as fast for them.


A few days ago Avery started to show a lot less interest in nursing. This made me happy and sad. I know our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end and I am happier that she is deciding that versus me but it still is a little sad. Right now I still breastfeed her 4 times a day, if she does not seem interested I offer her a bottle of formula. I will continue this for this month for sure and play it by ear after that.

She is a rockstar eater and eats everything and loves it all too. I really give her anything that I think she can handle without choking and on holidays I would just share my dish with her and get her steamed veggies too. She eats breakfast, lunch and supper and a snack or two. New things this month…muffins and loaf, olives (yuck, Chad fed her these and she ate them!), watermelon, Mahi Mahi fish are the ones I can think of but I am sure there is more.

On returning to work…

In less than two months I am returning to my full time job. I have many feelings on this topic and do not know where to start. One year ago I thought there was no way I could be a SAHM. Fast-forward to around 3-4 months ago and I still knew while it was not for me I could maybe see myself working 3-4 days a week instead of 5. I had to think A LOT about this, was it just the change that maybe scared me a bit or did I really want to be at home a day or two extra a week. A summer went on I did not want to think about this because lets be honest who does not want to stay home all summer?! After summer I promised myself I would think more about the idea. I had talked to Chad about it a few times and he was very supportive in whatever I wanted to do, but the banker in him also told me to think of the financial consequences as well.

I can say now that my decision I have made makes me 100% happy, that is not saying I am not a little scared of the change but I know it is in all of our best interests. I have always been a huge fan of having kids attend a dayhome/daycare. I think it is important for them socially to be around other kids and be away from Mom and Dad a little. Even if I was to work part-time Avery would be in dayhome 3-4 days a week. We have found a great dayhome for Avery and I know she is going to grow in ways that she might not being at home with me. She is a social butterfly and loves other kids so I know she will enjoy that too. Some days I feel worn out with her at home, and to be honest I might not go that extra step to do a craft or whatever that my dayhome provider would. These are the reasons why I know it is better for Avery as well. It will also help me appreciate my time with her much more.

Financially speaking it could be done for me to stay at home and find something from home or part time but it might mean less holidays, no new house as soon as we want (we plan to move within a year to a bigger house) and other things to that take away from a lifestyle we have become comfortable with. With more children in our future there might be a day when I do want to work less so right now I feel it is the time for me to still work full time.

My current job is full time with over time but very flexible and understanding so I know if I ever need to leave for Avery for any reason that is not a problem, appointments etc can be done easily for me during the work day as well which probably makes it more appealing for me return as well. Plus I really miss my coworkers and more adult interaction!

I guess all this just means that we are going to find a new normal, even if it is slightly crazy some days I know we will all love it just a much.


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