Avery’s Third Birthday Party

I LOVE party planning. I try and not go crazy but really spend a lot of time planning the details of parties and love it – even if it exhausts me! Avery chose a princess theme for her party so I went with a gold and pink and anything that was princess like. Like I said in my other post I failed when I forgot to take photos of the details (insert sob) but still got enough to get the feel of the party plus I am pretty sure nobody will hold it against me 😉

This was the first year Avery really understood her birthday and the party. She was most excited for everyone to sing to her! Since it is not cheap to rent places we opted to have it at our house and I said 10-12 kids max. Well a week before I realized that while I stuck within this that also meant 24 adults minimum since we had family coming too. I swear if we invited everyone these parties would be 75 people!

It is hard to plan a party that does not interfere with nap time so I went with noon-2pm in hopes kids could still nap after if needed. Avery requested Subway for her party which was easy and we grabbed a pizza last minute too.

I never took a photo but I had a “red carpet” coming into the house with the below balloon bouquet:


As well as a “Be Our Guest” sign at the front door – again, not pictured.

I have shared the mantle before but will again since I loved it:


I tried to theme the food, we had fruit wands, princess pink lemonade, Ariel’s fish crackers, Cinderella’s pumpkins (oranges), Olaf noses (carrots and hummus), crown cookies and of course princess cupcakes from Cuppitycakes and a princess cake.

screenshot_20161112-201745 img_3948 img_3947 img_3946 screenshot_20161112-201833

I had some tulle and balloons behind the table. Note – never buy glitter tulle, I am going to have pink sparkly floors for months!

For favours we did bubble wands thanks to my Mom’s hunting skills for them in October! I forgot to take a photo of these as well!

Onto the party itself. we had hired princess Ariel to come and paint faces but 20 minutes before the party was going to start she messaged me saying she was sick. I was pretty bummed as Avery was SO excited for her to come but was not going to have her come sick. I told Avery she was sick and instead we looked at photos of her and she seemed fine – once all the kids started to come she never mentioned it again! As it turned out we had enough going on and it was 100% ok without her!

The party started with food like every party should then the kid’s went downstairs to do the pinata.


Such bad lighting in the basement! They loved it and it got rid of extra Halloween candy 😉

We came upstairs for cake and cupcakes and Avery finally got her wish of everyone singing to her!

20161112_131129 20161112_131156

We did not even touch the cake so later I took it to my brother who’s birthday was the next day!

Next up presents – all the kids were so good and helped Avery, she did great thanking everyone after opening each gift. Every present was perfect and she was spoiled for sure!

20161112_134059 20161112_133115 20161112_133831

It was perfect timing as gifts ended it was almost 2pm and people started leaving. Some family and friends stuck around for a bit which I always expect when the the kids are playing as good as they all did together.

I am so grateful to have so many wonderful friends to celebrate these special days with us, we all felt so grateful at the end of the day! Thank you everyone!




13 thoughts on “Avery’s Third Birthday Party

  1. thebexfactor

    You did such a great job on the party. Everything was perfect. Liam was seriously so excited about the bubble wand. It's a good thing none of the kids noticed that the princess didn't end up coming. It's too bad she bailed. Liam had been talking about how excited he was to meet a 'real' princess but never mentioned it again, hahaha.

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Aw, that's too bad about the Princess bailing last minute! I remember now you talking about hiring one. At least her absence wasn't noticed. The party looked awesome! The red carpet idea is super cute! And those cupcakes are amazing!

  3. Amanda

    One of my friends had a birthday pArty in April . Ariel was supossed to come but did the same thing phoned last minute that she was sick !! Not to self never hire Ariel lol

  4. Amber

    Looks like a great party – you did such a good job planning it and everything looks so pretty and pink and princess-y: perfect!!! Avery is such a little cutie as well.


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