Baby K-2 – Weeks 11&12

I am playing catch up here, since I am now almost 13 weeks you will see a 14 week post in a week then a post every other week just like with Avery.

What is Baby K up to? Baby is about the size of a lime – crazy!! Heartbeat at my 12 week was 160bpm.

How I am doing? Pretty good! Nausea is gone and food aversions are getting there, like with Avery seafood is a no go and sweets are not my thing really. I am not to tired and feeling more like myself every day 🙂 I had a few headaches but luckily I have this on hand to help with my headaches.


Weight gained: 0lbs, I lost a few pounds the first 10 weeks and just gained those back so back to even now.

Workouts: On holidays we ran 4-5km 6-7 times which was really good. Now I am planning to get back into the 21 Day Fix Extreme, yoga classes and running as I feel like it.

Movement: Not yet!

Food Cravings: Maybe some, one day on holidays I had to have nachos…but nothing on a daily basis.

Sleep: Normal!

Stretch marks? Nothing. I had none with Avery and crossing my fingers I get none this time. I have been using my news favourite oil by Live Clean every night on my belly and area…

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil. This oil is a blend of organic Safflower, Argan, Avocado, Sesame, Jojoba and Coconut oils, contains Vitamins C & E. It helps increase elasticity and improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, redness and dark spots.

live clean

Miss Anything? Not as much as a couple weeks ago when I was ready to feel like myself again!

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Both my due dates with Avery and this baby have been on my brothers birthdays AND to make it even weirder they are going to be the same age gap, 2 years and 5 months.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing!

Looking Forward To: My growing bump, it is slowly appearing…already!

12 Week Photo:





19 thoughts on “Baby K-2 – Weeks 11&12

  1. Stacy

    I actually went into a Saje Wellness store the other day…I got my daughter Maddy a worry ring…to twist around her finger when she feels agitated and anxious at school to help her anxiety. Does the Peppermint Halo work? I am really looking into buying a diffuser!

  2. P.Jeanne

    Yay for baby K #2!!! Glad you're starting to feel more and more like yourself everyday 🙂 And that seriously is so crazy how both your babies due dates are on your brothers birthdays! 😀 Can't wait to see that bump grow too <3

  3. Ashley

    You look great!! Soo jealous of the sleep you are getting!! My nose is keeping me up, that and my bladder haha. Cravings have been in waves, but soo good when I give in!! The food I couldn't eat in the first trimester, I now can – like apple juice for example, so happy to have it back in my life! I will have to try that oil! I feel like oil is easier than cream anyways!! I didn't get any last time either… Fingers crossed!

  4. Alison

    Love your wee bump! You look great! So glad you are feeling better! That's crazy about the dates and your brothers – nuts!! Peppermint was my friend for so long and no longer has any affect. So sad.

  5. AmieRunningOnHealthy

    I'm just catching up on blog posts – can you tell!? I think I've commented on 4 of your posts now haha. You are so cute 🙂 Love Sage oils. And I will have to try out that stretch mark Live Clean Oil my next go around. Quinn sat so low in my belly that I got a bunch of Stretch marks underneath my belly button. They have faded tremendously and are almost gone now (as are the few I got on my hips/sides).


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