Baby K-2 – Weeks 17 & 18

What is Baby K up to? 6″ long – how did this happen already?! He/she is kicking up a storm these days whether I can feel it or not.

How I am doing? Good 🙂 I think I am in the I feel normal stage or close to it. Only downer was the ear infection I got last week. Oh and still getting headaches – but they are less intense.

Weight gained: 3.5lbs.

Workouts: Still the same more or less, I tried a new series on Beachbody on Demand called Active pregnancy, then yoga and spin classes as per usual. Running is still happening once a week for 3 miles or so but at a slow pace, and feels pretty good! I am focusing on strength workouts as well.

Movement: Yup, more and more every day. Baby likes to party at night – lets just make sure we changes for when he/she is on the outside!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing. My usual aversions have stuck – seafood, ice cream are the top two! Same as with Avery.

Sleep: Could be better thank you to my toddler and DSL 😉 Avery likes to wake up at 5am to use the potty…enough said.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Miss Anything? I really do not know, yes, I miss my pre-pregnancy body but love my little bump. Yes, I miss having more energy but will take the extra excuse to rest, so for every “miss” there is a positive 🙂

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I really do not know my exact DD or how far along I am! I thought I was just 16 weeks at my last appointment but was 16+6 the Dr said. So yeah. Being that I will be a scheduled c-section I am sure we will figure it all out then 😉

About that c-section since I might be asked…no it is a mandatory one but an optional one. I had one with Avery and was given the choice, and being honest I was 100% sure before even getting pregnant I would stick to c-sections in the future. Avery’s labour was long, painful and hard, all of that (plus her being stuck in my hip) meant after 70 hours I had an emergency c-section. Contrary to what most think I loved this, I always had an instinct I would have so was more than prepared. So when my Dr (same one that was there for Avery’s delivery) asked me she said this is how she phrases it: If you had the same labour over again and it ended in a c-section how would you feel after? Would you be happy you tried or pissed? My answer? Pretty darn mad. This way I can also prepare myself mentally for what is ahead as well as arrange for that extra help in the week after. I had a great recovery with Avery, I was out and about alone with a week with no pain – yes, VERY lucky. I am hoping that this can be the case again! Fingers crossed.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing!

Looking forward to: My ultrasound!! I almost wish I had booked it earlier (I think I could have booked it from 18-20 weeks) now but what is a couple weeks? Okay that is an eternity 😉


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16 thoughts on “Baby K-2 – Weeks 17 & 18

  1. Ashley

    Do you like the maternity programs on demand? I still haven't checked them out! Our due date is up in the air too! Hopefully after our ultrasound we will have a better idea. Our OB wants to go with the latest day because we are planning a c-section and it will give baby more time to grow! He also wants me to decide if I go into labor naturally do I want to try vbac or still a csection.
    You don't like ice cream?? I actually haven't been eating it either, but I could!

    1. arunningtale

      They are okay, pretty easy and they do not work up a sweat. I said for me they are good on days I do not want workout!
      Yeah my next u/s will held determine our c-section date, probably 7-9 days before that if my surgeon is available.
      I don't! I usually am not a huge ice cream fan though.

  2. Alison

    Glad things are going well other then the ear and head. Did your massage help at all? How was Active Pregnancy? Any good? How did you like the regular Fix? SO excited for your gender reveal!! Are you thinking girl still?

    1. arunningtale

      It did not! Boo. I might need to try again. I have chiro again tomorrow too. The active pregnancy is okay, very easy so I probably will only do it on days I am not into working out or if I have yoga that day too. I have not tried regular fix yet! I should though, extreme can be a lot some days!
      Yes and no, I said the other day that maybe it is a boy since only a boy would make me feel this crappy lol.

  3. Kelly

    Adorable bump! It must feel good to have decided on the c-section so you can plan/prepare. I think one of the hardest things (for type A planners that we are) about waiting for labor is you don't know exactly when it's going to happen! I might end up with a C-section this time if Baby #2 doesn't turn around soon, so glad to know the recovery doesn't have to be so difficult!

    1. arunningtale

      That is probably why I am so happy for a scheduled date! And because my labour with A was so long. Recovery is not that bad at all, I think your outlook on it needs to be positive too. I never cared I had to have one, and was 100% fine with it.

  4. Leigh

    Have you gone to have a massage yet to see if they would help your heachaches? They suck having them during pregnancy. Ultrasounds are so much fun!

  5. tawnyafaust

    umm your little bump is ADORABLE! I couldn't agree more re: scheduling the c-section. We had similar labor/birth experiences the first time and it is SO nice to know exactly when you're going to have the baby. Unless I go early I have everything planned 🙂


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