Baby K-2 – Weeks 25 & 26

What is Baby K up to? Baby’s eyes are forming and will open soon, she is 13: long and around 2lbs!

How am I doing? Christmas has left me pretty tired, I wish we could have stayed closer to home but it was nice to see lots of family too. I have been in bed by 9pm most nights! I was feeling huge so looked at my 24 week photos from now and with A and guess what? I look the exact same! Made me feel better lol.

Weight gained: 11lbs. I faired not bad over the holidays!

Workouts: 5 a week! Holidays made this easier and I even squeezed in some extra runs which was awesome. I am running fairly slow this days but still running and could not be more happy about that, most runs are 4-5km now.

Movement: She is till really busy and makes her presence known 🙂

Food Aversions/Cravings: I have been craving smoothies which is odd since it is freezing out!

Sleep: See above, 9-10 hours a night are preferred 😉

Stretch marks? Nope.

Miss Anything? As we start to pack I miss having the energy and ability to do more, I get tired easier and have to take rests so that I do not overdo it.

Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of both. On Boxing Day i bought a pair o skinny black maternity jeans and grey dress pants at Thyme and a couple regular tops at Old Navy. I am finding that most styles right now can accommodate the belly without even changing sizes.

Baby Items Purchased: I bought Miss.C a couple pairs of Minimocs on Boxing Day, after all she needed some pairs of her own 😉 And we bought a second carseat base on a Boxing Day sale as well.

Other Things from the Week: I had my 24 week appointment (a week late due to Christmas) and my referral for my c-section has been sent in! Woot woot! I should have a consult in the next month and then book a date from there. I am hoping for the same surgeon as I had with A since she was amazing and my scar is barely visible!


26 weeks


14 thoughts on “Baby K-2 – Weeks 25 & 26

  1. Ashley

    I am measuring the same with this baby, but look much bigger, but I think it's more the shape throwing everyone off haha. This baby keeps shifting from straight up the middle to lying across my belly! It will be interesting to see what my ultrasound shows next week for position! So exciting for you to get a date!! My scar is great as well, but I don't wish for the same lady haha. You look great!!

    1. arunningtale

      Same here, I always measured on track with A and when they measured me last week same thing but I feel huge!
      Funny, this baby is spine out still horizontal in my belly!

  2. thebexfactor

    Oooh, this reminds me, I have some moccs that Liam didn't get much use out of. They might even fit A still. I'll have to dig them out next time I see you.

    Run Sunday?

    1. arunningtale

      For sure! A was trying to get on C's new mocs last night, she loves them still.
      I will keep you posted on Sunday, I am in Edmonton Saturday night and might be home pretty late!

  3. nutcaseinpoint

    Are you required to have a c section this time around or did you choose? (Just wondering, you don't have to answer!) I feel like you just popped all of a sudden- from what I can tell from your Instagram 😉 so cute! I meant to pick up a pair of minimocs for Wes, but forgot. Grr!

    1. arunningtale

      I definitely chose to 🙂 They said I had the option but put it like this "if you went through the same labour as before and ended up in another section would you be like…at least I tried or damnit!" I said I would be pisssed lol so yeah. I did pop! I feel massive right now lol

  4. Alison

    You have the cutest belly! It seems rounder that with A…yay for new mocs! Ryder just got some black minimocs during the boxing day week sales as he has almost grown out of his grey ones. Sad.
    Yay for having a c-section date!


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