Baby K-2 – Weeks 31 & 32

Did I really just type that I am 32 WEEKS PREGNANT?! 

What is Baby K up to? This little gal is growing and loves to take up every space of realty she can get at. Avery was much more compact I think 😉

How am I doing? Well at 30/31 weeks pregnant I survived moving! I think that is a feat in itself. My back bothers me near the end of the work day from sitting, so I need to get up and move more.

Weight gained: 15lbs.

Workouts: I got in a couple run/walks since my toe did start to feel better, I kept them short and slow at 2 miles. I also have been doing Fix workouts, Pump and other weight workouts at home. I have noticed this to help a ton and have kept a lot of tone this pregnancy. I still get to yoga weekly with more modifications weekly and got to a couple spin classes too.

Movement: Yup, she still finds a way to get up into my ribs a lot!

Food Aversions/Cravings: I have had a sweet tooth lately so trying to tame that as much as possible with healthier snacks.

Sleep: Better than a couple weeks ago most nights I do not wake up and sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Miss Anything? My six pack…that I never had… 😉

Maternity Clothes: No change really. I am finally fitting into a few maternity tops that I had from before though I wore one and my co-workers told me it was too big on me. Small frame problems!

Baby Items Purchased: Nursery stuff! Now that we are moved I can finally start her nursery 🙂 I will wait and share in the reveal which should be in the next month.

Other Things from the Week: I was reading this update from my pregnancy with Avery – BAD IDEA. I said “nursery is done, clothes are washed and put away” WHAT?! Second child (and moving) problems, but I literally threw things into the room until last week when I spent a couple hours organizing things and made a “to buy” list. I also realized that having kids of the same gender but opposite times of the year does not save money, poor C is going to be in fleece PJs and sweater dresses in July 😉


32 weeks edited

And for fun, 32 weeks with Avery:

Avery 32 weeks


14 thoughts on “Baby K-2 – Weeks 31 & 32

  1. Ashley

    Ya my nursery was done by now too and I had a broken ankle and still managed to get it done, but it makes a difference when I can only get up there on the weekends lol. I have a sweet tooth too!! Mike and I were laughing because still as a toddler now Noah likes to sleep in the corner of his bed and it used to be the corner of his crib and in me it was always the lowest little corner he could squeeze into!! This baby is all about using all the space it can, especially straight up the middle haha. You do look great!! I'm running into my old shirts not being long enough, this baby is more out front and higher!

    1. arunningtale

      I hear you this little girl is taking up all the space, and always has body parts in my ribs! Makes sitting hard! I know I am carrying different but not sure how since I am measuring the same as I did with A. Though being short this baby has one to go and that is out!

  2. P. Jeanne

    Looking good momma!! And if it makes you feel any better, I still don't have Savannah's nursery done and probably won't for a few more months lol! Can't wait to see what Baby C's looks like when it's all finished 🙂 So excited for you and can't wait to meet her <3

    1. arunningtale

      Second child problems! haha. I am not in a rush this time and it feels good, last time I had to haev it all done early just in case. But now I am happy her crib is ready and we have newborn diapers!
      I have already told Chad that next year we have to go to AZ. HAVE TO. haha.

  3. Nicole

    You look fabulous!! I think your belly is a bit bigger this time, which is typical of 2nd babes.

    Haha I know- I was so prepared the first time around and the 2nd time I was rushing towards the end! While I didn't move we had to move a bunch of furniture out of the office/new nursery and that involved calling in reinforcements since I couldn't lift a pull out couch and huge desk down 2 flights of stairs! You are still ahead of us though- we didn't have the crib set up until 35-36 weeks!

    1. arunningtale

      Thank you! I agree for sure, I feel 10 times bigger haha. Oddly enough I am measuring a week behind so I am not sure how that is possible or if the doctor measured wrong.
      Second child syndrome! haha. But I am way less concerned this time around, if things do not get done before they will after…just who knows when!

  4. Kelly

    You look great!
    We were exactly the same way – We were completely unprepared when Abel arrived 3 weeks early. By then with Swede I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs with every single thing I might possible need already bought and cleaned and organized.

    1. arunningtale

      Thank you! I feel like this one would come early since we are so not ready, but we have the necessities ready which is all that matters in the big picture.
      Yup that was me too with Avery!

    1. arunningtale

      Awe, thank you! I am pretty close to my total weigh gain with A which is kinda scary but I had a higher starting weight that time so I fully expect to gain more this time around.

  5. thebexfactor

    You have what you need, you'll be fine! You look so great. Hopefully this cold will go away so I can still make it to spin with you


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