Baby K-2- Weeks 35 & 36

What is Baby K up to? Growing LOTS, moving LOTS, the usual.

How am I doing? I am so ready to be done. Evenings can really suck right now and I am uncomfortable due to Miss. C being pretty low.

Weight gained: 18lbs.

Workouts: Well I called running quits at 35 weeks. I am happy I made it that long and crossing my fingers that it only means a 8 week break versus the 4.5 months when I had Avery. I still aim to do 4 hours a week which is 5 workouts usually, weights, walking on the treadmill, and yoga now.

Movement: ALL THE TIME.  She moves so much it hurts sometimes, Avery was not like this so it is all new to me.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Ice! I craved it with Avery too.

Sleep: Not bad, on a good night I have 1-2 wake ups, a bad night is 3-4.

Miss Anything? Oh man, at this point a lot! I am dreaming of wearing all my clothes again, running and wine.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and I am sick of them. I am ready to burn them all haha. I have put away a lot at this point and living in a very limited wardrobe. Thankfully my regular pants with a belly band fit and feel great still.

Baby Items Purchased: Some sterilizing pouches for my pump and bottles – really exciting things 😉

Other Things from the Week: I did mention this before but Miss. C has a birth date – April 4th! As long as she holds out until then 🙂 I am working until the 31st so have three days off and then will have her. Crazy!

Photos – two this week since Avery wanted to give her sister a kiss!

36 weeks edited Avery 36 weeks edited

24 thoughts on “Baby K-2- Weeks 35 & 36

      1. JulieL

        It may be worth mentioning to your OB and getting iron studies and your hemoglobin checked.

        I craved ice during both of my pregnancies and was iron deficient. Iron issues are also common in distance runners.

        For what it's worth I work as a dietitian in Ontario.

        1. arunningtale

          I had blood tests about three weeks ago (and will again before delivery) but nothing came up that time – I can ask though, I have upped my intake on iron rich foods lately since I was really tired a few weeks ago too. The Drs always look at my iron levels since I do not eat red meat.

  1. Ashley

    You look great!! These babies will be here soo soon!! I can't get over the pressure on my pelvis and my baby isn't even head down!! It's almost like my inner thighs hurt too! Haha

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks! I cannot believe it, I am not sure if these next few weeks will fly by or go super slow. I swear at the end of pregnancy with A I felt great or I was crazy lol.

  2. Nicole

    Such a sweet photo of Avery kissing her sister!!

    Wow, only a 3 day break before Miss C comes! You look so good but I know this discomfort at this part is harder each day. Not long mama!!

    I'm laughing at you wanting to burn your mat clothes!!

    1. arunningtale

      Totally unprompted too! Usually she is napping when we take the photo.
      I am hoping staying busy and working will make time go by faster! haha. But I also wanted to just finish the month so hopefully she stays put until then 🙂
      Thank you! I remember the last couple of weeks before Avery I felt awesome but now am wondering if I was crazy!
      For real. Right now I want to rip these pants off and put on sweats, think I can do that at work?!

      1. Nicole

        Hahaha I remember hating pants at the end! I wore lots of dresses and leggings until I could put the sweats on!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    For some reason, I thought you were going off earlier? 3 days!? That's crazy! Haha! And coming up SO soon!! So excited for you guys! xo

    1. arunningtale

      Well I always hoped to work until the end of March so it just depending on when surgery was planned for how long I was before. Turns out it i2 3 days which I am fine with. Avery is in dayhome until May so no point me being at home making no money lol.

  4. nutcaseinpoint

    I was going to say that same thing about the ice and iron levels! So crazy to know she'll definitely be here by April 4!

    1. arunningtale

      I think I read it when I was pregnant with A. I am not sure it is related though, it is also the fact that I am really hot at night and that is when I crave ice. haha


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