Baby K – the details!

How did you find out you were pregnant? A (cheapy Internet) pregnancy test! It was a few days before my expected period but I guess I had a feeling! Plus we were leaving on holidays in two days so I wanted to make sure I knew ahead of time.

What were your 1st symptoms? Sore chest, fatigue and headaches from weeks 4-6.

Who did you tell first? To be honest after I took the test and saw that second line I was in shock thinking my tired eyes were playing tricks on me. So I texted a photo to one of my best friend’s at 6:30am. Once Chad woke up I actually just shoved the test in his face. I blame shock.

Who was with you when you found out? My 1st reaction: Me and myself. Like I said above shock and disbelief.

Was your baby planned? Yes!

Were you trying long? Well after I got a few problems sorted and things back to normal where I could get pregnant it took 3 months.

How far were you when you found out? Almost 4 weeks.

How did your parents/family react? Over joyed!

How did you tell your friends? Most of them we started to tell after we heard a heart beat as we saw them.

Due Date: November 10, 2013

Will you find out the sex? Heck yes, this planner could not not find out!

Any names? Yes!

Any Ultrasounds? Yes, we had one at 9.5 weeks. Baby K measured 1.11” at the time and did not stop moving! It was amazing.


Have you heard the heart beat? No, but at the ultrasound we saw it, basically looked like a little flickering in the middle of Baby K.

Do you have morning sickness? Started at week 6. I thought I had gotten lucky and avoided it but I guess week 6 is the magical number. And it should be called any time of the day/all day sickness.

Do you have any cravings? Yes, I get something in my mind and think I need it that second. Usually that passes though. However, I have been craving ice a lot!

Do you have any food aversions? Starting at week 6 I had aversions to most foods. I really only could eat crackers, cheese, mac and cheese, almond butter and toast, PB&J sandwiches and yogurt here and there. My biggest aversions? Dates, seafood and salads.

How far along are you now? 11 weeks.

My plan is to keep pregnancy updates to every other week in order to keep this blog as much like it was before. I will be adding a Baby K tab, where all the baby and pregnancy posts will be published to. The next couple of weeks you will see more posts so I can pay catch up.


21 thoughts on “Baby K – the details!

  1. Leigh

    Haha I love how you shoved the test into Chad's face when he woke up. So funny! πŸ™‚ Can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy πŸ™‚

  2. Nicole

    Yay! Cute baby bean picture! Seeing the heart beat for the first time is the best thing ever!

    Can't wait to follow along!

  3. Destini

    YAY Still overjoyed for you both!! What is a cheapy internet test?

    Keep these posts up! I love them πŸ™‚

      1. Destini

        thats good advice to people who are trying! Those things are EXPENSIVE! You should share a link πŸ™‚ I need all my friends to fill me in when so when we're ready…I'll know! lol

  4. Leslie

    HA ha I like your comment about finding out the sex! I am the same way. There is no way I could wait.
    I can't wait to see pictures of your bump – and see in person of course πŸ˜‰


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