Baby K: The Fall

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. I know Baby K updates are typically every other week but this week I have to share a incident that happened last night right after I told you about our wonderful and yummy weekend.

As you might have read, we were spending yesterday cleaning our carpets. It was a “ to do” before baby arrived. Chad had finished the upstairs and was downstairs working away when I decided to put away laundry. From our livingroom we have three stairs down to a tiled entry way and the laundry room is just off of that. I was wearing slippers because the carpet was damp and went down the stairs…The second I stepped off the carpet my feet came out from under me and I landed on my butt hard, my head whipped back heading the railing. Probably sounds more dramatic that it was, but at the time it felt pretty scary. At this time I screamed bloody murder I am sure and Chad came up to find me on the entry was pretty much hysterical.

I was in tons of pain, my rear end the most, my whole lower body felt numb (probably from hitting a nerve) and my head hurt. To top this off all I could think of was Baby K. Did I hurt him/her? Did I hurt myself and it could affect the baby? Even thinking that I could have given a good rattle to the baby sent me into hysterics.

After talking to my Mom and Chad I decided to call Health Link, a 24-7 health line ran by nurses to get advice. There advice was to get checked out within 24 hours just in case but with no other signs (cramping, bleeding) we were probably both okay. Just to note, if you did fall on your stomach the advice was to go to the hospital right away. We decided to finish up the carpets, have a bit to eat and head to emergency. The decision was based more my worry and stress levels versus the actually likelihood that something had happened from the fall.

The emergency room was packed when we got there and I thought maybe I should just wait and go to walk-in this morning, but soon the people were moving so we waited it out. After about 90 minutes I saw a Dr who asked me a few questions and asked what was my main concern, me or the baby. Of course I answered the baby. Though my butt was sore I was okay and knew it. I had the Doppler done to hear the heart beat and as soon as the nurse put in down to where the baby sits the thump, thump was there. Such a huge relief! After the Dr checked me out to make sure there was no fracture and told me I was good to go and to go home, rest, ice and take some Tylenol.

I wanted to share this with everyone not for pity or anything but as a reminder or a few things:

1-      Babies are so well protected in there and the chance of anything happening to them because you fall is slim but it is always good to get checked out and be on the safe side and for your peace of mind.

2-      Pregnancy changes even the little things, and things we were never conscious of before. Like watching where you walk.

3-      Accidents will happen and they are just that – accidents. It is not your fault.

Today I am sore, but that is about it. I am so thankful nothing serious happened to me or the baby.

Tonight I am taking the night off exercise, since walking hurts I am not sure I should attempt much more yet. I am sure in a few days and after a chiropractor visit I will be as good as new.

Oh and before this incident Baby K was moving around like crazy, then of course nothing until I was waiting for a bed at the ER, what a little brat 😉


Moms, Moms-to-be – any scares?


9 thoughts on “Baby K: The Fall

  1. Nicole

    Oh that must have been so scary! You are right- they are so padded in there. Hope you don't get too sore and stiff. An adjustment and massage will probably help.

    I don't think I had an accidents or close calls while pregnant. I fell on the stairs once while carrying Audrey when she was 8 weeks old. She didn't even cry though but my back and butt sure hurt afterwards.

    1. arunningtale

      I am doing way better than I thought. Hurts to run and bend down and my head has a little sore spot but that's about it.
      I always slip down the stairs but usually catch myself so will have to be more careful after too!

  2. Alison

    Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are ok! How scary. Glad you got checked out and are taking it easy now. Hearing that head beat is so reassuring!!!

  3. Ambergwtrh

    That is SO SCARY. I am so happy you and Baby K are ok. Yikes! Thank GOD for our wonderful medical system here in Canada where even though you had a bit of a wait at emergency you were able to get checked out and hear the heartbeat for no cost. Imagine adding a possible $1,000+ price tag onto that? Yikes,

    Hope your butt feels better soon!


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