Baby K – Weeks 10-12

What is Baby K up to? He/she started out the size of a prune on week 10 and worked its way up to a plum by week 12!

How I am doing? A lot better than weeks 6-9! Nausea is almost gone, maybe a bout or two of it here and there if I get too hungry and eat something that does not agree with me. Fatigue is also gone! Week 10 I started to get dull headaches daily, but they come and go and are not really bad, just annoying. Boobs were less sore but now are tender again sometimes. Oh and my skin, this was a huge concern to me since in the past hormones drive it crazy but not this time, my skin has been great (fingers crossed it stays this way). I think this is a combo of luck and finding a great product from Mary Kay, the Velocity cleanser (thanks Mom!), it is the only thing I use – no moisturizer or toner, just the cleanser 1-2 times a day.

Weight gained: I think  its safe to say I am up 2.5-3lbs, which is right on track. I feel chubby these days and think I just look thick in the middle, my waist is disappearing and I often feel bloated. I am ready for a bump!

Workouts: Really good, I have talked about what my week looks like in other posts but basically its 3 days at the gym (30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weights), 1 day at home or outdoor run and on May 1st I started prenatal yoga once a week.

Movement: Not yet!

Food Aversions: This is getting better, I can eat veggies and fruit again! So happy. Seafood still turns me off and some sweets too. But some days certain things just do not appeal to me.

Food Cravings: Ice? I crave ice in the evenings, usually after supper, weird I know.

Sleep: Good! I actually had a few nights where I slept straight through the night, which was a awesome feeling.

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. I am using coconut oil and live clean baby and mommy massage oil daily now to hopefully help keep them way!

Miss Anything? My clothes, I am starting to be very limited to what I can wear from my old wardrobe. I have bought maternity pants but still have not started to wear them but I think I will be in them VERY soon.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I had my 12 week appointment, and heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It was 155bpm so perfect. And we scheduled our gender ultrasound for June 17th! A bit more about why we WILL find out the gender…

Finding out the gender…

I know many people think this ruins the surprise. I do not think so at all! It is still a surprise just a tad earlier. We have a funny little reveal planned and are excited to be able to share the reveal moment with friends and family. I am a planner at heart so there is no way I would not find out for planning purposes. I want the baby’s room to be somewhat geared towards its gender, I want to have other colors of clothes than white and yellow. I just want to be a tad more prepared. I know there is always that chance that we are told the wrong gender, and if it happens so be it.

Baby Items Purchased: A Baby Bjorn carrier (for only $30), and a dresser that we will fix up for the nursery.

Looking Forward To: The gender ultrasound!


I realized I put this photo in weeks 6-9 already (Oops!):




Did you find our your baby’s gender ahead of time? Or will you?

8 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 10-12

  1. Alison

    Lookin' great!!! I miss my clothes too!! Oh well! They will be worn again! 🙂 Just not any time soon. So excited for you all around!! Especially to find out the gender. Glad you are starting to feel better!!

  2. jessielovestorun

    You are way to cute! Do you guys have Sonics up there in Canada? They have the BEST ice!!

  3. Nicole

    You look great! Little bump forming!

    Glad to hear a lot of the negative symptoms are going away.

    We found out the gender for the exact same reason. I didn't want a gender neutral nursery. I also only wanted to have to pick one name, rather than two. Either way, it's a surprise and who cares what other people say. It's your baby and you can find out the gender if you want!

    I might consider not finding out the gender the next time but I think it would make sense to for planning purposes even more so. My husband also doesn't think I could wait 9 months- he is probably right!

    A gender reveal party will be fun! I'd like to do that next time too.

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks! It really grew this past week! I feel huge! Lol. Even just the nausea subsiding made a huge difference.
      I agree, its still a surprise! I could never wait 9 months lol. I'd end up going for a secret u/s or something 😉
      I think it will be fun, we are going to have just a small one the evening the day we find out to share the news, we will find out at the same time so it will be a secret for a few hours!

  4. Destini

    I will find out the gender as SOON as I can! I'm far too impatient to wait 9months to know!

    Still looking great! Glad to hear you can eat veggies again! Seafood is a very common one for pregnant ladies to have a strong aversion too.
    Love these updates 🙂

    1. arunningtale

      Me too! I would kill me!
      Thank you! My bump has come a far way since week 12 photo so I am excited to share it next week.
      Yeah so weird about the seafood since I usually love it.


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