Baby K – Weeks 15 & 16

What is Baby K up to? He/she is the size of a avocado! Tiny bones in their ears are forming so they can now hear voices, their eyebrows and lashes are also starting to fill in.

How I am doing? Good for the most part I have had a rough go with the headaches, being that I get got them 4-6 days a week but for the most part I am still functional with them, they are not migraines like I have had in the past! I have had some round ligament pain and have realized to slow it down a bit. Last weekend after gardening for a couple hours I paid for it that night. I think some of my pain is due to sciatic pain (which I had before too) and my tailbone started hurting a few days ago. UPDATE on the headaches – I went to the Chiropractor for an adjustment and he brought up that I might not be drinking enough water…

Not enough water?!

In the past 3-4 years I have always been good about drinking water, especially when I ran & trained for races. My normal consumption with my activity now was 1.5L of water a day plus tea, and other beverages.  However, when I told my Chiropractor this he told me with my level of activity still I should be drinking close to double that. He said its a easy fix and a common reason for headaches, pregnant or not, so I might as well try it. That day I embarked on this new mission, my goal was to drink at least 2.25L (3 of my Camelbaks) a day. Well 5 days have gone by and I have drank close to 2.5L of straight water a day and not a single headache! I think I solved my problem. Just in case any other people out there are having this problem, it might be a easier fix than you think!

Weight gained: 5lbs. I stalled out last week, which made me worry but then I realized some weeks that might happen, then other weeks it might be double!

Workouts: Further to the above comment I am realizing I might have to slow it down a bit. I still have been getting in 5 workouts a week in the form of gym trips (3x), prenatal yoga once a week (loving this lots!) and one outdoor run a week with Chad. Oh and about running…

Running when pregnant?

A couple years ago I truly pictured myself doing races up until 5 months – maybe even half marathons. Last weekend I sold my bib for a 10km bib – my mind set had changed. I realized a couple things – one I was not motivated to run a 10km race and knew it would be torture without that motivation. Two, while I knew I could do it I knew that it was not smart. I have not run 10km in a single run since last July and at 15 weeks pregnant it would not have been smart to do so. My running right now is about a total of 10km a week but that included walking. Typically at the gym I run 4km and that is walk breaks every 9-10 minutes for a minute. For our outdoor runs we do about the same for walk/run and try to keep a 5:45-6 min/km pace. I wear my Garmin to make sure I keep it here, if not I tend to speed up. I am finding its a huge mental thing for me right now. I feel like I should and can run farther before a walk break but something else screams “STOP, REST” – so that voice wins and should for now. I try not to beat myself up over this but it can get to me, and luckily Chad is there to tell me it is fine. I plan to run for as long as I can. If it starts to be uncomfortable I will slow my pace and reduce the weekly distance and if its still too much I will be done with running for now. Right now Baby K is #1 on our priority list so running can sit back for awhile Smile

Movement: YES!! Well I am 99% sure. It only happens at night when I am lying and rested, then I get these little belly flutters, almost feels like my tummy is digestion or rolling. I have read that is the feeling you get around this time and am sure that is what it is. I have noted a couple times when the movement is the most apparent – after playing some music close to my stomach and after eating a mango popsicle. Noise and sugar gets the baby moving!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Food aversions are gone! I am so happy to be back to salads, fruit, smoothies and anything else I want. Cravings? I cannot say I have had any really strong ones, some days I might really crave something but I was like that pre-pregnancy too.

Sleep: Good, I am usually in bed around 10pm and sleep till 5:30-6am. I would love to sleep a bit longer but with the sun up that early I am too.

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. Still using coconut oil and live clean baby and mommy massage oil daily to keep them at bay!

Miss Anything? My belly button ring Sad smile I took it out just after 16 weeks. I had a friend do it since I just could not. I am so attached to it, sounds silly I know but after 14 years of having it my poor belly button looks naked without it. I wanted to get it out before any stretching  or pain occurred so told myself 16 weeks was the mark. And no it will not go back in after nor will I have it re-done. 

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: How about a NON fun thing? I am a klutz and know it so on Saturday when I was decorating for the party I knew to be extra careful. I was up on a chair hanging a banner and was being careful to not fall but then thought I should jump off the chair. I guess I forgot I do have a few more inches to the front of me now and nailed my belly on the chair corner on my way down. It hurt bad! I hit it to the left and down from my belly button. After Googling it I realized baby is very protected in there but I need to be a little more cautious.

Baby Items Purchased: Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer, more cloth cloth diapers, and mirrors from Target for the nursery.

Looking Forward To: Only a few more weeks until the gender ultrasound!! I am also looking forward to more Baby K movements and finally looking more pregnant, that bump is a growing!




12 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 15 & 16

  1. Alison

    You look awesome!! Love that little bump. SO glad the water was your headache issue. I cannot get enough water right now, I am drinking what I would almost think it too much but I can't stop!! Oh well. SO excited for your gender reveal!

  2. thebexfactor

    You're little bump is so cute.

    I miss my belly button ring so much. There's just this big hole there. I thought after having it in for so long maybe it wouldn't have grown over and I could put it back in but nope, it grew over. I'm not going to get it redone 🙁

    I should get a bottle warmer, I'm beginning to wean from pumping so won't have fresh bottles soon!

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks! It seems smaller some days and bigger others.
      I miss it so much. I feel like my whole belly button is gone 🙁 I have a deep belly button and never liked it so the barbell hid it. Now it looks weird. I won't re-do it either.
      Yeah I thought it'd be handy for on the go etc, was only $20 too!

  3. jessielovestorun

    Oh my heavens, be careful my dear! Glad you & the baby are okay after the little incident. Phew!! Besides that though, you look fabulous!!

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks and yes, but they are really well protected in there, so the Dr reassured me nothing would have happened, and told me I hit above baby. Only me that is sore 🙂

  4. Nicole

    So glad to hear you may have found the solution to your headaches! I completely agree- I usually get a headache when I am haven't had enough water. I had one on Sunday after my race and it most definitely was from dehydration.

    You are looking so cute! Baby bump totally suits you!

    Try not to beat yourself up about the running. It will come back to you quickly once Baby is here. You are still keeping a pretty good pace!

    I took my belly button ring out at 22ish weeks. I had a really hard time taking it out emotionally but honestly I am so glad it is gone now. Don't have to worry about catching it on anything which was always my biggest fear. It didn't get all stretched out or gross either. I didn't put it back in again so I do still have a small hole but I barely notice it. Why won't you put it back in if you like it so much? I know lots of women who had no problems putting it back in after baby (some didn't even need to re-pierce it).

    Can't wait for your gender reveal!

    1. arunningtale

      Yeah they are way less now, in a week i have had two minor ones so a huge improvement!
      Thanks, I feel like I am almost out of the chubby stage where people are pretty sure I am pregnant and did not just have too much pizza 😉
      Yeah it is so mental and does not help that I miss it so much. But it will all be worth it 🙂
      Really? I have a few friends that had theirs fall out and within a week could not get it back in, and a couple that tried after pregnancy with no luck! I might try but if not I won't re-pierce. I will get used to the naked belly button look with time!


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