Baby K – Weeks 19 & 20

What is Baby K up to? We are up to a banana at 6.5” long. Where is time going?! Baby K’s genital’s and taste buds are fully formed.

How I am doing? I am half way!! I am doing good, just the normal pregnancy symptoms – a few mild headaches, round ligament pains and heartburn at night a few times. My energy levels are okay most days but I have noticed I am more tired the past week. Especially after a busy/long day. I still forget to take it easier and go all day then by supper all I want to do is lay on the floor and not move.

Weight gained: 8.5lbs. I am now gaining 1lb a week which is right on track.

Workouts: Still no change here. Week 20 was my last week on prenatal yoga. I registered for session two which starts back up in a couple weeks. I am hoping there is a third session I can squeeze in in September before Baby K comes. Besides that I have tried to run once a week outside which is going good but one thing I have learned is that it cannot be hot out, the cooler the better. My gym workouts are the same, 3 days a week with 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of weights – back/triceps, chest/biceps/shoulders and legs.

Movement: Week 19 was a little slow in this department which of course worried me but at this point Baby K still has slower days so it is normal. By week 20 movement was back to almost every day with a few strong kicks in there. Oddly enough her most active time to date was her gender reveal party, little girl knew it was all for her Smile

Food Aversions/Cravings: Still nothing really…

Sleep: Okay. I wake up usually twice a night to pee and am slowly getting used to side sleeping, my body pillow has saved me!

Stretch marks? I have noticed a couple this week when I bend/move my side in certain ways in natural light. I sound like I inspect myself! Lol. I am not sure if these are new though. I have always had some stretch marks that are barely noticeable so these could be those. I am still oiling up every night to try and keep any new ones away.

Miss Anything? I am sure I could list a few things here but won’t. I am really happy where I am right now.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Well of course Baby’ K’s gender reveal, and if you have not heard Baby K is a GIRL Smile

Also, yesterday we attended a yoga and labour class. It was put on by my yoga teacher (who is awesome!) to teach us about the stages of labour, and poses to help us through it. It was designed for you and your partner to attend so that they can assist you during the process. We also learned poses to help with common pregnancy symptoms. It was $50 well spent since we are not doing the prenatal class the health region puts on.

Baby Items Purchased: I am not even sure I should show a photo of Baby K’s wardrobe… a couple of days after we found out it looked like this…

2013-06-20 19.41.25

Then on the weekend we may have gone shopping again. We were in Once Upon a Child (not for Baby K) but then came across the little girl section. We both wondered why we’d shop anywhere else, the prices and selection are awesome. $1.50 for brand new (tags still on) onesies, about $5 a sleeper and little pants or shirts for about $2 a piece. While it is all used all the clothes they take are in really good condition and for the first bit babies grow so quick why not save money on outfits they might wear a couple times.

Here is the load (for $25):


My Mom also bought her a couple things – the Gap Baby jean jacket is my favorite!


And so that I can call her by her new Grandma name in these posts I think she picked the name “Leema” for Baby K to call her. Her name is Linda, so that is the “L” then we call my Grandma GMa so Leema…. get it?

And we also bought a car seat, the Britax B-Safe. We got lucky and bought it for a great deal off of Becky since Liam had just grown out of it. It was the car seat we wanted since it was a recommended fit for my vehicle as well as it will work with the stroller (BOB SE Revolution).

Speaking of names… I have had a few people ask if we a – have a name and b- if we are sharing. Yes we have four names and two middle names picked out, and we have a full name from those that we like the most. However, we are waiting until we see Baby K to confirm that name Smile We found our four names fairly quickly, a couple we’ve had for a while and really are trying not to look more and just make it complicated. Only hints you’ll get in the first initials of the names – A, B and E.

Nursery Update: I figured the 20 week mark would be a good time to add this one in. We have slowly started to get somewhere. This week we ordered fabric swatches for the bedding we like. I ordered the samples to make sure I really love it since it is a custom design from Carousel Designs and not returnable. I love this site since you can order whatever pieces you need and want and they have rocking chair covers. I am using my old rocking chair from when I was a baby and it is impossible to find covers and cushions  now. I am not a fan of the pre-packaged baby bedding at stores for a few reasons, one they include a bulky quilt which I hear the majority of people never use, two it includes bumpers which we also have decided not to use and three it has a crib skirt – something else we are not using.

My vision for our nursery is simple (hence the no bumper and crib skirt), modern and nothing too girl – yes you probably will not see pink in Baby K’s room. I also want to keep it fun with splashed of bright colors.

Okay enough hints for now, back to our progress, our nursery will be our current office which is the second bedroom upstairs. So we have started to move the office downstairs which has meant re-organizing the storage room to empty out the office walk in closet which is packed with stuff. Next we have to move our monster of a desk downstairs. It will probably be a couple more weeks before we are ready to set up the crib etc. My Mom and I are also starting to re-finish the dresser in the next couple of weeks.

Looking Forward To: I am not sure at this point. Summer? We have not had a great June and this past week Alberta was slammed with horrible flooding. So I am hoping sunshine is ahead. Our long weekend is packed with a lots of fun things so no rain please!!


I started to try and wear maternity tops and they are just not working for me Sad smile They are too big in all the wrong places and do little for my self esteem. I do have a few from the US that are great but seems like the ones from here are all too big right now. I have realized styles that still work with my bump and have been buying a few more of these tops in my regular size. Way better. This tank is from last year from Old Navy. The jeans are also Old Navy maternity with a full panel – another thing I am not a fan of.



Mom’s to be or Mom’s, did you shop at second hand stores for baby clothes?

AND and heart burn tips?!

7 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 19 & 20

  1. Alison

    You looks great! So excited to see your nursery! She has quite the wardrobe already, love it!! It;s hard not to go crazy!! It;s funny how different bodies are when pregnant, I LOVE full panel pants! But I find a lot of mat tops are still really big if they are supposed to be form fitting.

    1. arunningtale

      Thanks! I know I am excited to start it. I think she will have more clothes than me! My friends are going crazy It is totally funny, I know I prefer the beneath the belly pants but they are hard to find. My work dress pants the panel is thick so it makes me warm and grumpy. haha. Yeah same here they are baggy and for me too big in the shoulders and neck line is always too low.

  2. Nicole

    Holy wardrobe! Don't buy too much or she won't get to wear it all! People love to buy clothes so I'm sure you will get lots as gifts. If you must buy stuff, buy for 1 year or older. That jean jacket is pretty cute!

    I do buy some stuff 2nd hand. I try to buy on sale too. Audrey pretty much destroys everything at the dayhome (stained from food) so a lot of nice things only get worn on the weekends or evenings so they don't get ruined. I think I am going to start buying her daycare clothes 2nd hand so I don't care as much when things get ruined. I know kids get dirty but it seems like everything is stained.

    The nursery sounds intriguing! Can't wait to see some sneak peaks.

    I love the full panel! Towards the end I much preferred dresses though. And leggings.

    You have a pretty cute bump!

    1. arunningtale

      Lol I know. I had so much from before – since everyone has boys then really only did one little spree at Old Navy mostly for summer clothes for next year and the year after, then the Once Upon a Child trip to get some smaller stuff since we had nothing really below 6 months. Now I have to be done except a take home outfit for her. You are right she will get lots more clothes too!
      It is crazy how much baby and kids clothes are, I saw a cute grey cardigan at Gap… $30! I would not even spend that on one for me. Craziness.
      i cannot wait to share some pics once we get moving on the nursery. I am such a perfectionist, so it might be interesting.
      I love leggings right now! I wear them here and there but not sure in the summer I will much, counting on lots of dresses for this summer.
      Thank you!

  3. Nicole

    Yes, it's insane how much kids clothes can cost. The Gap outlet at Cross Iron is good for deals, as is Once Upon A Child.

    Yah, the downside to being pregnant in the winter is needing to keep your legs warm! Wearing flowy summer dresses would be much nicer, although dealing with lots of heat isn't fun.


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