Baby K – Weeks 21-22

What is Baby K up to? Now about the size of a papaya at 10.5” long – that is a gain of 4” in 2 weeks, and almost 13oz. She sleeps 12-14 hours and day but when not sleeping I can sure feel her these days. She hates when I hunch over and kicks me quite often when I do.

How I am doing? Good! The heat wave on the long weekend kicked my butt and gave me headaches but after the temps dropped and I had a chiropractor adjustment they were all better. Still some heartburn on/off which I am guessing is here to stay. And lastly I do get a upset stomach sometimes in the morning after eating – I have not really figured out why yet.

Weight gained: 9.5lbs. At my check-up at 21 weeks the Dr. said this is perfect for me.

Workouts: 4-5 a week. Still the same combo – running, gym – weights and the elliptical, Tracey Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD these days. This week I start prenatal yoga again – yayyy!

Movement: YES. She moves a lot. On days I am busy and moving around I do not always notice her as much but then the last few days I can feel here even then. She loved to kick my bladder Winking smile

Sleep: Good. Still waking up a couple times to pee. I am finally learning to sleep (and stay) on my side with the help of my body pillow.

Stretch marks? Nothing new here – whew.

Miss Anything? On the (hot) long weekend a nice cold cooler would have been nice….

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  People are finally brave enough to ask me when I am due! I am fine with this as it is very obvious.

Baby Items Purchased: More clothes…. which is nothing new. Some receiving blankets, and a car seat protector for my car. Oh and our final order of cloth diapers – at 29 diapers we are ready to go Smile

Nursery Update: We spent most of Saturday finishing clearing out our walk-in closet in the office – so much stuff. Anyways, we finally got it all moved, re-organized downstairs and moved Baby K’s stuff in:



Most of her clothes will go into her dresser but until that is done I will store them in here.

And because I am not sure I shared this photo, this is the print we are putting in the nursery and how we decided on colors:


Looking Forward To: Getting her nursery put together – my goal is to have the dresser done and furniture set up within a month, then I can spend a month or so decorating and perfecting it.



Any one else experience the upset stomach around this point?

Moms – what is the ONE must have you thin everyone needs?



10 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 21-22

  1. Alison

    That is a super cute print!! Can't wait to see it all come together! You are way ahead of me on the nursery. Are you painting? I need to start on the furniture stat!! Urg. Justin is holding me up!! ha ha You look awesome!!

    1. arunningtale

      No, we are not painting. We want to keep the walls the same color as the rest of the house, especially because we want to move within 2 years so it will be better for resale. But there are some touch ups to do once everything is down off the walls.
      I know, I would feel a lot better if I had my dresser done!
      Thank you!

  2. Nicole

    Oh no- the stomach ache doesn't sound like fun. Not sure what could be causing it.

    Sounds like she is moving lots! A would move tons and then when someone wanted to feel her she would stop. Bugger!

    I love the print you picked out. Is that the crib in the closet? Looks like you are well on your way with nursery progress.

    More clothes shopping? You are going to have to change her multiple times each day just so she can wear everything!

    The one thing that I had to have was a good glider. I've spent so many hours in it. It was expensive but it's paid for itself a few times over. The swing was also a lifesaver but it's one of those things that some babies love and others hate.

    1. arunningtale

      Yeah not sure why my tummy has been upset – its been the last two weeks on and off. Might try some food elimination of typical culprits and go from there.
      Same with this one! She jumps and kicks then I tell Chad to fell it and nothing. I agree – buggers!
      It is the crib, I cannot wait to set it up once the desk is out. We would now but the desk is huge and I want to do paint touch ups first.
      You are right I just might need to 😉 Good thing is we have clothes for newborn – 24 months so a good span. Lots of summer stuff for the next two years too.
      I bet, there are lots of crappy ones out there. We looked a bit then decided to use my old wood ricking chair from when I was a baby and go from there. And I totally agree with the swing, my one brother has bad colic and it was the only way he would not fuss and sleep.


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