Baby K – Weeks 25-26

What is Baby K up to? About the size of a head of lettuce and (on average) 14” long and 2lbs – craziness! Her eyes and eyelashes are formed, and soon she will open her eyes. She is also taking breaths (of amniotic fluid) now.

How I am doing? No complaints here overly. I still get really tired some days, mainly in the afternoons at work, Mondays seem to be the worse. Then just heartburn in the evenings which can get bad in my back and between my shoulder blades but thankfully does not last more than a couple hours.

Weight gained: 11.5lbs.

Workouts: Still the same Smile 4-5 a week and still running once a week. I am down to 4-4.5km once a week with 8 minutes running and 2 minutes walking for the distance. Belly is getting a tad heavy to keep running for much longer than that.

Movement: Oh geesh – she does not stop. She had one day where she barely moved, which sent me into a panic (of course) but she is doing laps or something in there 90% of the time.

Sleep: No change here, I actually might be waking up less! Maybe once a night right now.

Stretch marks? No change from the last post Smile

Miss Anything?   I had a wine craving last week when our for summer. And then I was in Target last week and was really jealous of all the cute but drop waist dresses that were on sale. I may have bought one top for post pregnancy…

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Had our 6 month appointment at week 25, and while my weight gain is a tad on the low side according to charts, my belly measured a perfect 25cm at 25 weeks. At this point that weeks and fundal measurement should equal each other plus or minus a couple cm.

Baby Items Purchased: Does supplies for re-doing her dresser count? What else? A snowsuit from Old Navy, a pair of boots & headband off of Zulily and some wipes since we had a coupon. Saving up for her stroller purchase now.

Nursery Update: The dresser is proving to be a tad more difficult than I thought and we’ve had some hiccups which has meant WAY more time re-sanding but slowly and surely we will get it done. We are not painting her room but did take down all the existing stuff off the walls and do paint touch ups. Hopefully after holidays we will get the desk downstairs then start to set her room up Smile

Looking Forward To: Finishing her dresser and holidays to the coast!


Frontal view this week:



2 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 25-26

  1. Alison

    Great photo – you look great! I am with ya on being excited to have the dresser done!! BIG job! Nice work on the runs still, running is in my past for now!!


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