Baby K – Weeks 29-30

How is it (almost) 31 weeks already?! As of today there is only 66 days until Baby K arrives!

What is Baby K up to? She is measuring around 16” in length (or shorter if she is like her Mommy) and can weight anywhere from 2.8-3.8lbs. She is one active little babe, who is very feisty at time. Don’t eat every two hours? I get a good kick, Lay on a side she is not happy with? You’d think she is fighting her way out. Poke her and expect a “poke” back about 10 times stronger.

How I am doing? Great. I have zero complaints. Yes I get tired easier, heart burn is less these days but at the end of the day I am pretty darn happy.

Weight gained: 13.5lbs

Workouts: The last few weeks I have been busy so I have only been getting in 4 workouts a week. I am taking it easier with my cardio – as I have mentioned in other posts. Running is done for now. I signed up for my last prenatal yoga session which starts in a couple weeks and finishes on my due date!

Movement: I covered this above Smile In general less kicks unless we bother her, but more movement, rolling and stretching mainly.

Sleep: I know I need my 8 hours a night, if not I am not the happiest girl around.

Stretch marks? No change here. I did buy a small BioOil a couple weeks ago to starting using with the coconut oil as well to hopefully avoid any,

Miss Anything?  I will switch this up this post since usually I say the same thing here. What do I think I will miss when I am not pregnant? This is something I think about quite often. I know I will miss having her so close and always protected in me. The movement is something that never fails to make me smile and I will miss that. However I think once she is here I will not even think this any more since having her on the outside will be 1000x better.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  I finally found skinny black dress pants that are actually skinny! I had the worse time since most reminded me of old lady pants – either tapered or boot cut.

Baby Items Purchased: Do you guys really want me to list everything? Lol. I am not sure I can. Probably more clothes, and nursery items – lets keep it at that. My shower is this weekend so I’ve been trying to be good Smile

Nursery Update: Well we have made good progress on the dresser, and it is 95% done- finally! We hung up some artwork and other things. And our biggest project – second to the dresser – was a large awkward niche that we finally figured out what to do with! I am pretty confident that in the 31-32 weeks post you guys can probably see a 90% finished nursery photo Smile

Looking Forward To: My baby shower this weekend!





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