Baby K – Weeks 31-32

What is Baby K up to? At the size of a squash Baby K weighs anywhere from 3-3.8lbs and is 16-16.7” in length. Little girl is growing fast these days! She most likely is in a head down position, and from what I have been told initial checks is that she is in this position. She is getting a little cramped in there, which I tell from her movements.

How I am doing? Once again really good. I am almost to the point where I just want her here but know she still has a bit longer to bake in there.

Workouts: Good, not great. Cardio is getting tougher. I have to take it pretty easy since I get warm super fast and winded easily too. Walking is probably one of the tougher things for me to do, especially at a fast pace since it gets uncomfortable in the pelvic region.

Movement: Big movements, rolls, stretches etc. She loved to roll back and forth and be on one side which is not too comfy for Mom.

Sleep: Heck yes! I can sleep these days. 8-9 hours seems to be what I need, and typically I wake once to go pee.

Stretch marks? No change yet – no stretch marks – YAY!

Miss Anything?  My clothes (again), since summer is lasting forever I am out of clothes! All my summer clothes were not maternity and tops are too short now. I have fall maternity stuff I would love to wear but not when it is 30 degrees out.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  It was a busy two weeks, my birthday and her baby shower!

Baby Items Purchased: We made a final haul to Babies R Us and picked up the remaining items so we are all set now. Feels great to be at this point. We also finally have this in our possession:


This may be as much for Baby K as it is for me…

Nursery Update: In general everything is washed, organized and ready to go. Her room is missing a few final touches but nothing major. We’ve decided the niche will be a work in progress since we are not having luck finding the perfect decor yet but that is fine. I am going to go a reveal in the next couple of weeks Smile

Looking Forward To: Our anniversary weekend in Canmore next weekend.





8 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 31-32

  1. Ashley

    Camore will be awesome!! I'm super jealous! Lol! Soo glad you guys are just about ready for the baby! But yes, she needs to stay put! My nephew was born around 32 weeks and it was a long road in the nicu for him! But I totally get why you are anxious!! Lol

  2. Alison

    You look great! That dress is awesome. So glad you are doing well. And a weekend away will be so nice. And I am so jealous of your sleep!!! gah! 😉 Enjoy it!!

  3. Nicole

    Love that dress!! Great print!

    Sounds like you are ready for baby which is a good feeling!

    I agree- the stroller is definitely just as much for mom as it is for baby! I think we appreciate it far more than they do!

  4. Annette@EnjoyYourHealthyLife

    Wahoo! You're getting close! You look great 🙂

    I am having a baby girl soon too 🙂 (I'm almost 37 weeks). So this is uber exciting!!


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