Baby K – Weeks 37-38

What is Baby K up to?  According to The Bump she could weight anywhere from 6-9lbs. Let’s hope for my sake she is not 9lbs…She also may have some hair and is getting ready for her exit – or at least we hope she is Winking smile

How I am doing? Good. I am ready to get this baby out! I am not that uncomfortable contrary to how I sound, just after 9 months I am ready to meet this little girl. I am not anxious, nervous or scared for her birth. At this point she has to come out one way or another the way I see it!

A bit about my “birth plan”…

I actually do not believe in birth plans to be honest. My labour and her birth will be what it is, no matter what I want or plan for. I just want a healthy baby and Mom after. I want to stay at home till we hit that 4-5 minute mark for contractions (apart), I will start off without drugs and see how it goes – I am open to anything and will take it as it comes. I am open to c-sections, episiotomy or anything it takes to get this little girl out safely. I do want to stay as active as I can (and feel comfortable) during the labour process which would be the only reason I delay or not get an epidural.

Again, I think a birth plan is just doing what you feel is right for you!

Weight gain? Despite my stomach gaining 2cm in one week for fundal height, weight gain is still 16-17lbs.

Workouts: Still going good. Cardio is only walking on the treadmill now, which can cause BH contractions. I just see it was my body getting ready and breath through them. I am still doing prenatal yoga one day a week and light weights or prenatal workouts at home. Being on maternity leave now I am getting in 5-6 a week.

Movement: Yup! Between 7-9pm she does not stop moving. To the point I have to get up and walk around every 10-15 minutes. She is only busy little babe in there most days.

Sleep: I am usually up 3 times a night to pee and in bed 9 hours a night. I have not had insomnia as much as the previous two weeks and manage to get back to sleep pretty easy.

Stretch marks? One on my lower hip which was from before but more noticeable. I started using extra oil twice a day on it Smile

Miss Anything?  At 38 plus weeks pregnant, I miss a lot but that is not a big deal at this point!

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  This is more a random thought than anything… But since I am such a planner that it is weird right now not really knowing what the next days, or weeks could bring. It is also really different being at home on maternity leave. I went from a routine day that really did not change much Mon-Fri to very little plans for 8 plus hours a day and being home by myself. I really appreciate this time off before baby comes but it can be boring. I try to keep busy with house chores, projects, meeting with friends etc throughout the day but still am finding it tougher than I thought to be at home all day.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing – can you believe it?!

Nursery Update: You already saw the reveal!

Looking Forward To: Meeting this little girl!





8 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 37-38

  1. Destini

    You look so great! I can't imagine a 9lb baby coming out of you, you're far too small my dear. I bet she will be 6-7lbs.

    When I was born, my mom didn't know what she was having, but during labour the first thing the doctor said was "well its a red head". haha I had bright red hair and I had a lot of it 🙂


    1. arunningtale

      haha, dear God, that would scar me for life 😉 I am thinking high 6's or low 7's.
      That is too funny! I love when babies have lots of hair, so cute, even though they loose it.
      YES, C'MON!

    1. arunningtale

      I know, crazy, right?! My Mom had me 9 days early and well that is today for me. I said I thought it'd only be fair I had her 9 days early. However, she seems to be very content and happy in there. That is fine, we still have some time before I force her out 😉
      Could you imagine a 9lb baby?!

  2. Nicole

    I also vote you will have a baby between 6-7.5 lbs. No reason to believe you will have a big girl unless you have a crazy slurpee habit you have been hiding from us all!

    I hate to break it to you but you just wrote out your birth plan! A birth plan doesn't have to be detailed. It can be as simple as what you just wrote. I think the most important thing when preparing for birth is knowing that your body can do it and to be open to the possibilities. I think it's important for your support people to know what you are willing to do so they can properly support you. J and I actually had a code word for the epidural so that if I really wanted it, if I said the word he knew I meant business and it wasn't just in the heat of a bad contraction.

    My MIL's second baby was 9lbs and my sister's 3rd was 10lbs. I refuse to have a baby that big!

    I'm a little jealous of all your time at home with nothing to do! I have so many projects to work on but I don't want to leave them until the last minute in case this baby does come early. I hope not!

    Please join us Baby K! I want to know your name and see what you look like!

    1. arunningtale

      That might cause a 9lb baby or a secret cookie habit 😉
      haha, very true! I guess I am saying I don't want to go in with too many I want or don't wants, trying to keep it open since I have no idea what to expect. Maybe for #2 I will know more of what I do and do not want.
      I do too! My friend that is due the same time as me has been monitored since her baby is measuring big, but her first was almost 10lbs. Poor girl. I am very proud of her!
      That is how I felt a few months ago, it even meant a couple break downs. Now I have no idea why I was so worried. I blame hormones 😉
      Yes, please join us! It is killing me wondering what she'll look like. It seems so surreal that it is any day now 🙂

  3. thebexfactor

    I'm actually surprised you don't have a birth plan since you are such a planner!! My plan was number one to get baby out safely but I wanted to do it as naturally as possibly and I did NOT want to be induced since I know it can cause a crazy cycle of strong contractions which can eventually make baby's heart rate drop and end up in c-section. Learned alot from the Business of Being Born documentary. Crazy stuff. Anyways, when the time came I really wished I would have taken some drugs, hahaha. And then ended up in a c-section anyways. You have to have an open mind for sure.

    I have to admit, I check twitter a lot to see if you're tweeting or not in anticipation of baby K coming!


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