Baby K – Weeks 6-9

In order to play catch up I thought I would combine weeks 6-9 and 10-12 for two posts on my pregnancy up to this point.

What is Baby K up to?

He/she started out as a sweet pea on week 6 and worked its way up to a olive by week 9!

How I am doing?

From weeks 6-8 I had three main symptoms still – nausea, fatigue and sore boobs. The nausea has better days and days were I want to lay in bed all day its so bad. The fatigue is nothing like I could have imagined! I am so tired I feel drowsy and ill. It is kinda like being hungover! lol But even with all that I am still so grateful and know all those symptoms mean Baby K is growing and doing his/her thing! Week 9 was a whole new ball game, fatigue was way less (still need 10 hours of sleep though) and nausea is almost gone. Evenings I feel a bit sick but I feel like I am on my way out of the first trimester woods!

Weight gained: It varies from 1-2lbs which is probably really none since weight varies by that daily. However, since I am already up 10lbs from last year at this time I am feeling a tad bigger than usual, but those 10lbs were needed to get to this point.

Workouts: I am doing good. I make sure I get in 4 a week, 3 gym trips with 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of weights then a home workout or a short run each week. I know even on days I am dead tired a workout after work can give me a second wind and make me feel so much better for the evening!

Movement: Not yet!

Food Aversions: Everything?! Well not quite. But the thought of most foods turn me off, but if I just eat them I am usually okay. I am not a fan of salads right now, and sweets – or anything sweet, I can barely handle fruit, or seafood. It also seems to be the more I have to think of food or prepare it the less I want it. Which makes me sad since I love to cook!

Food Cravings: I am not sure they are cravings but more what can I eat and feel okay? Carbs, cheese, eggs, orange juice, carrot muffins to name a few – SO much different than my usual diet for sure.

Sleep: Good! I am in bed by 9:30pm every night and most nights sleep till my alarm around 6-6:30am with maybe one pee break at night.

Stretch marks? Not yet…But I need to get on oiling up! I started using extra virgin coconut oil once a day on my boobs, belly and butt on week 9 to hopefully help in this area.

Miss Anything? Feeling like myself at this point and running!

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: On week 8 I had my first pre-natal appointment and on week 9 our first ultrasound! Baby K was just a moving, we joked he/she was doing their daily jumping jacks Smile

Baby K measured a perfect 1.11 inches at this appointment. After this appointment we started spreading the news, most people said “it was about time” but everyone is really happy for us. Feels so much better to have the exciting news out.

Baby Items Purchased: Too much! Since the last post I bought more onesies, some book ends and a baby hat/mitt set for Baby K to come home in. And a couple books, one for me and one for Chad – Belly Laughs and DUDE, You’re Going to be a DAD.

I already finished Belly Laughs and loved it, I would recommend this to every pregnant women it is hilarious!

Looking Forward To: 12 weeks!





11 thoughts on “Baby K – Weeks 6-9

  1. Nicole

    Well now that I know you are pregnant that definitely explains why you are sleeping so much!
    I ate lots of gum, and arrow root cookies for nausea. Also drank a ton of ginger ale.

    The fatigue is insane, isn't it? Like nothing I had ever experienced. The 2nd trimester is usually pretty good energy and feeling better wise.

    1. arunningtale

      haha, it does! I think I tried every nausea trick and nothing worked. Which did not surprise me since I get car/motion sick easily and nothing helps.
      I had no idea you could be that tired!! Yes I think my energy is back, just in time for summer so I am hoping it stays around.

      1. Nicole

        I get car/motion sickness too. Pretty much nothing helps other than sleeping. Can't exactly sleep the days away though. Glad you are feeling better now.


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