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This post has been months in the making, well kinda of, in my head it has been. Thinking back now I should have drafted a review after each book, since now I barely remember all the books we read! But I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the reads from my book club. I will keep this short and simple since I really do not want to give too much away and more just share my thoughts.

Also, if you like to read and are not currently on goodreads, get on there, it is a great place to look for books and read reviews!

Up first, Girl on The Train. This comes first since it is my favourite book club read thus far. I read this book in a weekend which for me is unheard of. It is a mystery/suspense book that will keep you flipping pages. One thing I did not like about it was the characters, I never ‘really’ liked any of them, and they mostly annoyed and frustrated me. But the constant suspense kept me sidetracked enough to get past that. Enough about this book, just go and read it before I give it all away.

girl on the train

Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Going into this one I was not sure what to think, first of all non-fiction is usually not my thing and I really do not know a lot about Amy Poehler. But this book surprised me, not only was it pretty funny but I also had quite a few clever take aways from it. From motherhood, to her career, marriage/divorce she talks about it all! There were parts I skipped, like the divorce part since it just did not resonate with me. She is very down to earth in this book and tells it like it is. I never felt in a hurry to read this book though, which was probably a bad thing since it also meant I never fully finished it.

Yes please

A Sudden Light. Where to start with this one? It was written by the same author that wrote The Art of Racing in the Rain and why it was choosen for our book club. It was long, or felt really long but I was determined to finish it. The first 300 pages were SLOW, the last 100? Total page turners. In the end I really liked this book but there was a lot to follow, after all the book did start one with a huge family tree. If you like books about the afterlife and ghosts you might enjoy this book. I got really hung up on all the details that a lot of the time  found useless to the story. But that is just not my book style.


Big Little Lies. This was my pick and of course I loved it, totally a girly read which are my type of books. But do not let the word girly throw you off on this book, it is classified as suspense, which I am not realizing are my type of books. While this book did follow a few different characters it was the right amount without getting too confusing but kept the book moving along at a good pace. I always love books that bring together the different characters since I spend my time trying to figure out how they will do this and then get excited when I figure it out. This author also has a couple other great books I have read since, The Husband’s Secret and What Alice Forgot.


Mosquitoland. I was really surprised to find this in the teen section of Chapters and if I am being honest still do not know what to make of this book. One word comes to mind for sure – quirky. It is about a teen girl that leaves home on a Greyhound bus and her journey. Of course that description does not do it justice but since it was not my favourite that is all I will say. Check out the reviews, others in my book club liked it!


I have to say being in a book club is pretty awesome, I get to hang out with great ladies once a month, we drink and talk about the books a bit, and it forces me to read and go outside my comfort zone in books I might not usually pick up.


Do you like to read? Best book you have read lately?

11 thoughts on “Book Club Reads

  1. thebexfactor

    Ah! I'm in need of a new book so this post is great. The only book on my shelf right now is The Book Thief and I'm not in the mood for something dark right now. The only book I've read from this list is Girl on the Train which I LOVED but have had my eye on most of the others.

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Well, obviously I love this post! I didn't know you were on goodreads! yay! I love that site. It's like Facebook but for book nerds haha.

    I had no idea Garth Stein had another book out! I agree, book club is awesome for reading books out of your normal comfort zone. I haven't read any on this list except for The Girl on the Train. I miss my Edmonton book club, although the picks weren't always that great and it was hit or miss on who actually read the book. I actually joined a book club through meet up so we will see how that goes!

    I just finished the book Wonder and it was soooo good. So, so good. It's a middle grade (young readers book) about bullying and I think everyone needs to read it.

    1. arunningtale

      I saw you tried to add but but my account is acting funny and freezes, I will add you when it figures itself out! I agree – LOVE that site!
      I will check that one out, I actually really like young reader books!

  3. P. Jeanne

    Gonna have to give a few of these a read! I recently just started to read again after taking a pretty long break, so this came at the perfect time 😀

  4. Leigh

    Loved The Girl on the Train and Big Little Lies! I use Goodreads as well to find new books. Such a good resource! Also helps me remember what I've all read

  5. Ambergwtrh

    Last night I skipped my first book club ever, I just couldn't get myself to fully read the book in time and had a busy week! Haha. But yes I have been a part of a book club for almost a year now and I really like it — it definitely pushes me to read books I wouldn't normally read! Doing the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge has also helped with that.

    That is too bad the book by the same author as The Art of Racing in the Rain wasn't that great. I LOVED that book so was looking forward to reading another one by him.

    1. arunningtale

      Oh we have been bad for that lately, I blame summer, you think you have more time to read and then don't!
      I would still read it – or try it, I did not hate it but the others that had read his other book thought it was not as good.

  6. Kelly

    I joined a new book club in my neighborhood two months ago and it's so much fun. We've read Still Alive (a little grim) and The Rosie Project (fun and cute) so far, and In the Dark Dark Woods for next month. I agree completely about The Girl on the Train – Couldn't stop reading but didn't like any of the characters. I was really disappointed with A Sudden Light since I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain so much.


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