Calgary Half Marathon Recap

Well it is official, my first post baby race is in the books Smile So bittersweet.

As you know already from my weekend recap, I got in plenty of carb (and food) loading the day before the race. This is KEY for me, if not my legs are so heavy. The night before the race I laid out all my gear:


It was not till after this when I was in bed talking to Chad that it hit me – I am running 21.1km tomorrow!. Duh. But here is the thing a few years ago I ran a lot, 50 plus km a week so it became second nature to me and for a few half’s I never even really trained for. I just ran them and they were easy-ish for me usually. Fast forward a few years, I had to scale back/quit running to get pregnant, ran a little when I was pregnant and just started running again in February this year. This race was a big deal to me. It was also my chance to prove to myself I could still do this. This race felt totally different than any others going in.

Race morning my trusty little alarm clock woke up just after 5am to eat, I fed her, laid her in bed with Chad and got ready. I had my normal pre-race breakfast of a PB&J sandwich, a banana, coffee and water. A little after 6am I headed down to the hotel lobby to meet up with friends and make our race to the race.

It was about a 10 minute walk there, we got there, hit the bathroom, snapped some pics and got into our corral. It was self seeding and my friend and I went to the back of corral A. We also ran into Kaella there!

My friend (hi, Heather!) and I decided to run together. I knew for me this was a great idea to keep up my motivation and not allow myself to take it too easy – something I was afraid I would do. I wanted to push myself a bit.

Anyways, the first km’s we got into a groove, then we kept a steady pace of between 5:00-5:30 mins/km for the most part. I have not looked at the break down on my Garmin but from what I saw this is where we stayed. Heather had more of a plan in mind than me when it came to pace so I just made sure to stick with her.

The route was really great, lots of spectators, entertainment and different scenery. Some of the pavement was uneven to run on but nothing too bad. The race was on the road which was nice since there was also plenty of room to get around people etc.

I felt really good between 4 and 14km. Just after that we turned around and were running into the sun which got to me a tad. The heat right on me always is tough for me. Then a few km’s later we got back into some shade and I felt better. At this point mentally I was playing games with myself and had to repeat “one foot in front of another to myself” to keep going. I knew Heather had a goal time in mind (sub 1:50) so she wanted to speed up to make sure she got in under that. She took off in front of me around 18km and I settled into a pace of 5:10 mins/km to finish the race. Then in the last km I realized maybe I wanted a sub 1:50 race too and sped up to 4:40 km/min. I was going all out and felt it! I hit the finish line, grabbed a water and chugged it instantly. I got my medal and realized I did not see my time, my watch read 1:51 and 21.2km.

I found Heather, we made our way through everything, got post race pics done and then went to get some food. The post race food was okay, juice boxes, fruit and chips. Personally I like to see chocolate milk and carbs but that is okay. After that we found Chad and Avery and hung out for awhile outside while catching up with all the others that I knew that ran.

Okay and now for my time…


Not too shabby, I would have loved to pushed through and got sub 1:50 BUT I know I gave this race my everything. I honestly can say I did not have that extra 30 seconds in me! I am so happy with my time and proud of myself.


Pics top left – Me and Heather post race, my medal and race bib, Bottom left – Me pre-race coffee and my official stats!

So, any future races? Of course! I need to run more, so that the races are easier again and I do want to PR in the near future (current PR is 1:47-1:48ish) and I all need to do so is practice and time.

Overall, this was an awesome race for me and a great event! Full weekend recap coming tomorrow Smile


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