Canada Day Recap & Workout Wednesday

How was everyone’s Canada Day? I always feel like it is officially summer after Canada Day Smile We had a great day, it was low key and relaxing.

Our little family all dressed up in our Canada gear (I only had red on though):




After our morning workouts I used the Kodiak Powercakes mix to make waffles, they turned out great – love this mix even more now.


After brunch we ran some errands, grabbed slurpees and headed home for Avery’s nap, but window and she ended up napping in the car – boo! I hate car naps because the only last while we are in the moving car so rarely long enough, and she never seems rested ever – side rant!

We wanted to set up her pool again for her so decided to set it up right away before she was ready for a real nap. She had a lot of fun for about 30 minutes Winking smile




Thankfully she played herself out and afterwards had a 2.5 hour nap! Me and Chad enjoyed drinks on the deck while soaking up the sun.

Our Canada Day tradition is always going to Sylvan Lake for the fireworks. They never disappoint so it is worth the 10 minute drive. We were there quite early so grabbed ice cream and hung out on the beach:


At this point it was already an hour past her bedtime but she was being SO good! About an hour later, shortly after 9pm, Avery started to get grumpy so I put her in the stroller and took a 5 minute walk and she was out. She slept all the way till 11pm when the fireworks started.

We enjoyed the beautiful views before the fireworks:


Can you believe this photo is from Chad’s phone and UNEDITED.

And the fireworks:


There was a smiley face and star one! But I missed them with the camera. It was a late night, we were home around midnight. Avery was a trooper and went straight to bed when we got home Smile

Now, finally onto this week’s workouts:

This week I was week 1 of training for the Lethbridge Half, nothing too different but I am back running 3, sometimes 4 days a week till race day now. Here is this week’s plan:

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Yoga Meltdown and Abs

Tuesday – 500m x 6 speed work at 4:30km/min pace and Strength circuit

Wednesday – Focus T25 Cardio

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5 miles – stroller run

Saturday – Rest

I made a plan for training too, something to loosely follow since we already know that flexibility is key these days. From Calgary I did learn that I might need a tad more miles on my legs before race day so do have myself running 4 days a week some weeks IF I can swing it.

11 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Week 1

6 miles

6 x 500m at 5km pace &



Easy run – 4 miles

Focus T25


Week 2

7 miles

30 min tempo run & strength


Easy – 4.5 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 3

8 miles

6 x 500m & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25


Week 4

7 miles at race pace

35 min tempo & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25

4 miles


Week 5

9 miles

7x500m & strength


Easy – 5.5 miles

Focus T25


Week 6

10 miles

40 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 7

11 miles

8x500m & strength


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25


Week 8

10 miles at race pace

40 min tempo run


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25


Week 9

9 miles

9x500m & strength


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 10

12 miles

45 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 11

6 miles



Easy – 4 miles




Since this is turning into one long post I will leave it at that.


Fireworks fan?

YES! We are also going to GlobalFest again this year and bought VIP tickets to it.

How did you celebrate Canada Day?

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