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A little “currently” update on life right now:


Reading Mosquitoland. It is our book club book this month and so far it is just okay. I like the story but not so much the writing, it is hard for me to follow and I lose interest easily.


I am also reading this book:


My Mom found it for $1 and it is awesome. I loved the baby version and this is giving me a lot of great toddler “tips”!

Listening to – I mainly listen to the radio and love the song “Cheerleader”, on the flip side I am not listening to Maroon 5’s song, “This Summer’s Going to Hurt Like a…” – cannot stand it! I also listen to Songza at work and love the “soft pop” playlist.

Eating –  ALL the fruits and veggies! Since we are in the middle of a two week clean eating binge we have pretty much eliminated sugars, some carbs and are sticking to whole foods.

Guilty Pleasure – Of course there has to be come kind of saving grace with our little challenge, so I am having a piece of dark chocolate most days:


Watching – Nothing, can you believe it? I cannot. BUT Big Brother starts on the 24th!

Current (toe) Nail Colour – Bright pink , which screams summer to me!


Drink – Going also with the clean eating thing, ALL the water. I add lemon juice and a bit of Stevia if I get really sick of plain ol’ water.

Excited for – Holidays! We are going to see Chad’s Mom in southern BC this month AND I am going on a 3 day yoga retreat nearby. I cannot wait!

Wanting – I have been on a hunt for brighter summer bag, but had no luck. I really do not even know where to look, I want to keep it affordable since chances are it will be a one season type of bag. Suggestions?

Work Out – I am back doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme (with some running) for the next few weeks. I LOVE this program, the workouts are fast and dirty and make you work! Even better news? They are on sale this month, and my girl, Alison can hook you up (she has details in that link).


Wearing – A lot of dresses. I have way too many summer dresses, still over 20 probably after my huge purge. Anyways, here are some current favs:




What are you currently…Excited for? Wanting?

Workout Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Review

As most of you know I recently tried a new workout program, 21 Day Fix Extreme.


Before I get into it I will admit that I did not follow the program as it is set out but did not have the intention to.

The program itself was $65, a great price since you get 6 different workouts (I got a special and actually got an extra workout too!) and all the workouts are 30 minutes. There is also the hard core workout that is only 10 minutes! You also get their eating plan and containers for suggested serving sizes, so it would make it very easy to follow if you wanted to.

My main reason for ordering this was to add variety to my workouts and to have a quick go to on days when time was tight. Oh and get my butt kicked Winking smile

Well I got my butt kicked and that was only doing 4-5 workouts a week! Here is my pros and cons of the 21 Day Fix Extreme.


  • I got my butt kicked. You guys, these workouts are not easy. Even on week three I was sore for days after the workouts. Every workout challenged me.
  • You need minimal equipment, light and heavy weights and a resistance band. That is it!
  • 30 minutes, that is all you need. Even on our busiest days I can squeeze in 30 minutes.
  • Added cardio. I like to have some cardio in my workouts and not only is there a cardio fix there is also the plyo fix to get in cardio days.
  • Variety. There is yoga, pilates, upper and lower body fixes, so in a week you are hitting every body part. Some days I am not feeling like a certain workout but I found with this there was only one I felt like doing.
  • The containers! Even though I did not use them for their intended use I love them for my snacks and Avery’s – it is hard to find smaller containers!


  • 7 days a week. If you want to follow the program exactly it is 7 days a week. I like to have at least two complete rest days a week so that is not for me but that is not a deal breaker either.
  • The hard core fix, I was not a huge fan of the ab workout, so instead I did the Les Mills Pump ab workout which I love.
  • Plyo. Again, this is a personal preference, but I have problems with certain jumping type movements so prefer not to do them, like jump lunges. I did the plyo fix once to try it but probably won’t do it again.

All in all I was very happy with my purchase and the workouts. I know they will continue to challenge me and will be my go to quick workouts.

If you want more information on this program or any other Beachbody programs please get in contact with my girl Alison!


Workout Wednesday – What’s Next?

Now that I am done Pump I knew I needed something else to keep me on track just a few more weeks before I am pretty much in the clear with the cold weather and can be running outside more again. The treadmill can be really daunting to me, especially at 5am, so I am planning to get out for runs more in a few weeks Smile

Then I saw Alison post that there was a new Beachbody program and it was on sale, the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Immediately I told her I was interested in it.


The program itself has six workouts, none over 30 minutes – WIN! The workout are:

– Plyo Fix Extreme

– Upper Fix Extreme

– Pilates Fix Extreme

– Lower Fix Extreme

– Cardio Fix Extreme

– Yoga Fix Extreme

The workouts add in aerobics for cardio which I am looking forward to since after the program I will be starting my 10km training for a May race.

The program does come with a diet portion as well but I will not be doing that. My goal is not to lose weight here so it is not necessary.

Stay tuned for my thoughts!