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Introducing Chloe Marie Knudson!

Today we welcomed Miss. C as you all know her into this world. Or as she is now called Chloe Marie Knudson.

20160404_093413 20160404_14354620160404_164256 20160404_163746

Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz (3105 g)

Length: 19.5 inches (49 cm)

Mom and baby are doing well, you can stalk us on Instagram until we are back to a regular blogging schedule!

Chad, Lindsey, Avery & Chloe


The universe is a wonderful thing, and sometimes just when you least expect it it throws something completely magical your way. With that Avery has some news to share…


We could not be more thrilled that we will be adding another little one to our family in April 2016! More details to come!


Saving the BEST for last

So back in March when we took our trip to Arizona, we took a few photos that I never shared with you guys. Now I think it is time I share them with you…


SURPRISE! We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting “Baby K” in November 2013 Smile

More details to come!