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I will leave this post to mainly a photo update but we are enjoying the sun in Arizona 🙂 Our days have been filled with the pool, runs, walks, margaritas and of course too many Target trips 😉

Be back next week with our race recap from the weekend!


Arizona Part II

We are back home! We had a great trip but like usual we are happy to be home, and Scarlet is thrilled we are home. She can be quite the grumpy cat when we are gone.

So I left off over a week ago and to cover the whole week would require me to write a small novel so instead I am going to stick to the highlights Smile

On Monday and Tuesday we drove to Lake Havasu to see my friend Priscilla. We have known each other for almost two years (I think?!) but have only met in person twice now so it is a HUGE treat getting to see her. And this year I got to meet her little boy born a couple weeks before Avery.


It was a great 24 hours with them, they spoiled us with yummy food, we chatted LOTS, we took a walk, and took the the babies in the spa,

Avery and Jason:



Thanks again P (and your Mom) for hosting us!

The next highlight was not for me but for Chad, he got to drive a Lamborghini. It was a gift from his Dad and Step-Mom and I am sure it made his year.


We went to the Wildlife Zoo, Avery even enjoyed herself, she loved the fish, monkeys and her favourite was the penguins.

This kangaroo is not dead, though it does look like it Winking smile



Monkey`s lived on these islands all around the zoo:







We spent many hours by the pool, Avery started off with liking it for about 15 minutes at a time and by the time we left she would be in there for 45 minutes!







We had a couple of my friends come and visit us for a day/night since they were also in Arizona!


One little low light was I caught not one but two outer ear infections, I had one about a year and a half ago and sadly once you have one they do come back. They are very different from a regular ear infection, in that you ear lobe hurts bad, it hurts to talk and chew since the canal between your ear lobe and ear drum is what is infected. Thankfully, I saw a Dr that got my drops and they worked quickly, then the next day I got the same thing in my other ear…Boo. It took a week before both ears were good, but Motrin helped for the pain and because it is not your ear drum they were not affected by flying.

All in all it was a great holiday, Avery did awesome (never cried of fussed once on our flight home) and we got in lots of visiting and sun. Watch for a post next week on our experience and thoughts on travelling with a baby.


And one last photo of Avery:



Where is your next holiday?

What is your all time favourite trip?

Fun in the Sun (and Rain)

Hello from sunny Arizona! We made it here safe and sound & Miss. Avery was a fantastic little travel buddy. Good thing since she has a couple more flights coming up this year Smile

Our trip started at 1:30am Thursday when my alarm went off to get up, ready and feed Avery before hitting the road to the airport. Avery was no too happy with her 2am wake up, but was happy to get some food before our drive. She slept the entire drive, woke for a bit at the airport, fell back asleep through customs and security, then woke up after:

Such a big girl:


The flight went as good as it could, we had maybe 2 minutes of crying, she fed for part of take off and decent. The only complaint was my arm got sore from her sleeping on it!

Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom picked us up from the airport, which was nice so that we did not need to worry about shuttling to the airport rental car place etc.

Some pics from day 1:



We went on a walk in the later afternoon and have been every day since, it is a great way to get in her late afternoon nap.


I have NO idea how I did it but I stayed up till 9pm…with no nap nothing, maybe it was this delicious stuff from Trader Joe’s Carly told me to try:


Friday morning I did a 5km run, the best run ever actually. After not running for a long time in beautiful weather runs here have been a HUGE treat. No longer does 10 minutes feel like an eternity! I cannot wait to run outside at home even more now. The treadmill has already gotten to me…

We picked up out rental car mid morning and ran a few errands, it was a fairly low key day, with weather in the high 20’s we played outside, had some pool time, and went for another walk.




First time on grass!


Like on any holiday I am falling asleep by 8pm but forced myself to stay up till 10am – yawn.

Oh and Avery has done awesome with sleeping on holidays – bed by 8pm, and sleeps till around 6am, then usually goes back to bed till 7:30am.

Yesterday we knew rain was in the forecast so deemed it a shopping day. We started the day with bagels from Einsteins (my favorite), then headed to DSW, Nordstrom Rack, after that it was lunch time for us and Miss Avery so I fed her in the car before we went to Margaritaville for lunch (Chad’s request).

Our lunch view:


Me and Avery:


And lunch…


They were not that good. They had icky fake cheese on them! But the drinks made up for the nachos.

After lunch we headed to an outlet mall, I had some luck with a couple pairs of J Crew shorts and some Nike running shorts but the rest of our money was spent on a certain little human Winking smile I was pleasantly surprised with Osh Kosh, usually I am not a fan of children’s clothing stores and find them “too baby” if that makes sense but Osh Kosh stole my heart and money.

Before we new it, it was time to head home to feed Avery and have some supper. Our evening was low key again and I was asleep by 8:30pm Winking smile 

Today we were all supposed to go to the NASCAR race but I had a change of heart with Avery and all, just with all the factors I decided I should stay home with her instead, I was looking forward to it but my ticket went to Chad’s Uncle so no money wasted.

I got in a 7km run this morning and made pancakes for everyone before they left. The rest of the day since we are on our own today we will probably go for a walk (or two) and run to Trader Joe’s and Target.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Never Trust a GPS

Morning! How is everyone’s week going? I cannot believe its Thursday already! Time is flying.

The last couple days have been busy yet low-key at the same time, you know how holidays can work.

Tuesday mid morning we went for a 5km run. It was nice but cloudy out so great for running. And it was so nice to run in shorts and a tank top. I cannot wait for summer at home!

Our mission Tuesday was to either get my sunglasses fixed or buy a new pair. First we went to Arizona Mills mall, where there was so many stores I wanted to go into but restrained myself knowing what would happen, and went to The Sunglass Hut. They had the same style of Prada sunglasses but the arm band was a brown color not ivory. I decided to think about it since they were not cheap at $290. After a Sephora stop (I am now stocked up!) I decided against them for now. I really prefer the older style with the ivory arm band.

Next we decided to check out a new outlet mall in Glendale called Tanger. Wholly was it quiet! We went into a couple more sunglass places, Gap and then a Coach outlet store that had a great selection and awesome prices. We found some sunglasses for me that were originally $229 down to $89 and thought they’d qualify for 50% off, but they did not. At first I thought “they’d do” until I found my ivory arm band Prada ones online when we were home. But over the last two days I have started to really like them!

Coacb glasses

That night we made supper for my in-laws, the Asian Salmon and Kale salad from Iowa Girl Eats.


They were so impressed! I still plan on making them brunch one morning and taking them out for supper to our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

Yesterday was really low-key. After some morning yoga, I laid out in the sun for a couple hours. I prefer to lay out in the morning when the sun in nice but not super hot, also helps me get a nice tan versus burn. I am almost done the first book I brought down here! After lunch we went over to the trailer so Chad could help his Dad do some work on the roof. They worked most of the afternoon so I just hung out with Chad’s Step-Mom.

All afternoon all I could think about was the soft serve frozen yogurt from Costco here. So my (very wonderful) husband drove 40 minutes to Costco to get me some. It should have been 20 minutes BUT our very reliable GPS got us lost THREE times! Geesh. Its a love-hate relationship with those things.

At least this is my view while driving, yup not in snowy Alberta anymore!


I finally got my fro-yo..

2013-03-06 16.48.09

Do you see the size of that?! About 3 times the size of the Costco ice cream at home for $1.35. Chad had the ice cream bar.

2013-03-06 16.47.05

Once we got home it was happy hour time while we visited for an hour or so before having supper. Evenings have been low-key, just visiting, hot-tubing and TV watching and bedtimes have been early – 8-10pm!

The plan for today is a hike in Scottsdale, maybe a bit of shopping over there and supper at True Food Kitchen.

Be back in a couple days!


Do you use GPS?

We have a TOM TOM that we use on road trips and holidays but that is it. It usually causes me more stress than anything.

We Are Here!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We made it to Arizona safe and sound a couple days ago now.

We left home Sunday about 3:15am – way too early – made all our flights, had good layovers and got to Arizona early afternoon Sunday. Chad’s parents picked us up from the airport and we spent the rest of the day relaxing, visiting and just hanging around the house. Since we had been up at 2:30am I went to bed by 8pm – I know I am such a party animal!

Going to bed at 8pm Sunday meant at 5am on Monday I was wide awake. At first I laid in bed trying to get back asleep but when that was not happening I grabbed my laptop and book and headed downstairs for some reading before everyone else woke up.

Sunday was fairly low-key, we picked up our rental car, made a trip to Target and Trader Joe’s – serious highlights for me, laid in the sun & read, went golfing and ended the night with pizza and a hot tub. There was one downside to the day… I was getting out of the car and the door hit in me in the head and this is what happened:


Yeah those are my Prada sunglasses. I was just saying the other day how I had them for two and a half years and they do not even have a scratch on them… I am so sad. Today we are going to the mall to see if someone can fix them and if not I guess I am in the market for new ones!

Our Target trip consisted of some clothes for me (bathing suit, cardigan, tank, workout top and sports bra) and tons of Chobani for $1 each! Trader Joe’s was lots of food for the next 10 days, I feel bad eating all my in-laws food so we make sure to cover our breakfasts and lunches, then for supper we are planning out cooking for them tonight and taking them out at least once.

I picked up this salad for Trader Joe’s for lunch:


It had butternut squash, quinoa, wheatberries, red pepper, raisins, cranberries, almonds, arugula, and goat cheese. I cannot wait to re-create it at home.

A few other foodie highlights – Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Coconut (which I may have just ate at 6:30am), Luna Mint Chocolate Chip protein bars (which was my 9:30pm snack last night) and Trader Joe’s Avocado Hummus.

Now for some photos!

The backyard where I am spending too much time sun tanning and reading…


For golfing I used little girl’s clubs! My in-laws bought them for their granddaughter, but they were actually a good size for me (remember I am 5’1”) and for my first game this year my score of 55 for 9 holes was not that bad.

2013-03-04 16.09.32

Chad and his Dad golfing:

2013-03-04 16.57.04

The course we golfed at has a senior park model community around it, we saw this model with a triple car, I mean 2 car plus a golf cart garage:

2013-03-04 17.03.17

Too funny! My in-laws have a home in this area as well that they rent out. I guess it is the perfect area for seniors since they are all from other places and retired and just want to chat and have happy hour all day long.

This morning I was up at 5:30am – still need to reset my internal alarm to at least 6:30am – so did a quick session of Yoga Meltdown before everyone else was up. I prepped overnight oats with strawberry-banana Chobani for us this morning so I am more than ready to dig into that and a cup of coffee.

I have another post prepped for tomorrow that I hope you all find fun, and I will be back in a couple day with what I have been up to. And maybe, just maybe, I will start using my actual camera and not just my phone for photos!


Where is your favorite place to shop in US?

This may sound lame but, in no order, Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!