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Avery – Eight Months

Weight: 14lbs 13oz

Length: 26.75” – barely shy of 27”!

8 months edited

And because outtakes are the best part of these little photo shoots:

8 months outtake

She loves…

People. She is a social butterfly! Give her one smile and you have her heart Winking smile

– Animals – especially cats, the closer they come to her the better!

– Feeding herself, food on her highchair tray last approximately half a second before they are in her mouth.

– POOKIE! Aka her giraffe wubbanub, yeah I bought one really late in the game but this has helped a ton when it comes to her settling herself at naps and at night. More on this below.

She hates…

Very little, being tired possibly? I have not much to put her!


– Understands more of what we are saying, for example if I say “where is your kitty?” she will look around for Scarlet and if she finds her looks at her and claps.

We are working on a few milestones, but not quite there yet:

– Crawling, getting there…


– Waving hi and bye – she can do this about 50% of the time now and its so cute! This morning she was waving to the TV after the people on the show were waving.


Still 3 naps a day, which are pretty predictable now, 8:30/9am, 11:30am and 3pm all lasting 1-2 hours. She goes to bed between 7:30 & 8pm and sleeps till 6:30-7am. I think she may be transiting to 2 naps a day so might see how that works out this week. Her first and last nap are starting to be closer to 2 hours each whereas the morning one is short. I am going to see if with some training we can do a morning and afternoon nap only.

Ever since we bought the wubbanub she is a superstar on settling herself for all naps and bedtime (usually within 10 minutes and no crying) and does not wake in the night. YAY! At this point we do not care if she has the soother and will look at weaning her off of it after her birthday.


She still likes to breastfeed every 3 hours most days, 4 hours is usually only if she is napping. I tried to go 4 hours when she was up and it was a no go. She also still gets a 4oz. dream feed at 10pm but we are weaning this over the next two weeks.

For solids we do three meals a day now, breakfast is usually oatmeal plus fruit or scrambled eggs with avocado, lunch and supper are usually protein of some kind (beans, lentils, quinoa, chicken), a couple veggies and fruit. New foods tried this month – tastes of ice cream (which she of course LOVES), waffles, raspberries, plums, salmon, Mum-Mums, kale and corn.