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Small Shop Love

Both of this month’s small shops are courtesy of Alison’s blog. I love to bug her about supporting my shopping habits since her and her little one share a shop every week! And let me tell you her little girl is one heck of a model, so it makes everything too irresistible not to buy!

Avery was not having her photo taken inside so I thought maybe some deck time would help that, she loves to be outside!


The first shop is Hip Little Babes, a trendy shop for little ones and Moms based out of Ontario. When I first saw this top I knew A had to have it. It describes her perfectly most days right now.


They also have a “Proud Mama” shirt I am eyeing up Winking smile Their tops are all American Apparel tri-blend tops AKA super soft tees!

The second shop, Muladhara Yoga, is to die for you guys. It took everything in me not to order me and Avery many pairs of matching mini and me yoga pants.


Even better, they are basically in my backyard and based out of Calgary! Their pieces are comfortable and unique. I really wish I had ordered myself a pair as well, their adult pants have a wide lace band along the top like no other yoga pants I have seen before.

I love that Avery’s pants do not wear like many other printed leggings I have bought for her. The fabric is thick but allows for all the flexibility a toddler would need, with all their crazy moves Winking smile


Small Shop Love

This month small shops feature a couple cold weather accessories for both little ones and Mom.

First is everly b, a san diego based shop that carries mama & me sets, accessories and apparel for kids and Moms. For Christmas I requested matching mama & me scarves for me and Avery, and my Mom bought us a perfect set.


I am a grey lover at heart, it can be paired with a ton making it a versatile color. These scarves are nice and thick so perfect for a colder day. Avery has tons of length in hers so I it will be good for next year too.


Also a winter necessity is an adorable beanie or two Winking smile A&L inspired makes beanies, headbands and more fun things for Mom and baby. She has a ton of fabric to choose from, so much so that it took me days to pick my print! I won this beanie from a blog giveaway and it is easily one of my favourites on Avery.


It is a jersey type fabric so great for warmer winter days. I just love the beanie look on littles:


Now if only I looked as cute in beanies I would have a matching one Winking smile

The small shop feature is not a promotion with the above shops in any way. This is simply a way for me to share some of my favourite small shop finds with you all!


Things I’m Loving

It has been awhile and since a new (and my favourite) season is almost upon us I thought it was time to share some of my current favourite things:

Tazo Pumpkin Spice Latte mix


I friend sent this to me from the States and I love it, I love that you can choose how much you use and how sweet it is versus the VIA powders I have bought in the past come packaged in portions.

Oil of Olay ProX Cleansing Brush


This was a birthday request and gift I got. I love it already and am hoping it helps my skin a bit more. My skin has improved the past few months but it still can be a lot better.


Pumpkin baking even more. In the summer I find it too hot to bake and end up baking way less than I like to. I am happy to be able to bake weekly again. I have a few things I am hoping to make this week:

Healthy Pumpkin Cookies – two peas & their pod – Got these made yesterday!

Cinnamon Chile Brownies – The Sweets Life – For our anniversary dessert Smile

Avery’s Fall fashion


Scarf – Urban Cowgirl, Shirt – Osh Kosh, Leggings – Joe and Mocs – Minimoc


T-Shirt/Cardigan – Crazy Eight, Leggings – Carmen West Creative


She LOVES my keys…

Toque & Top – Joe, Jeggings – Old Navy

I love fall fashion for myself so it is no surprise I love it even more for Miss.Avery, from boots to baby scarves, leggings and sweaters it is all too adorable. Only thing not adorable? My bank account Winking smile

Urban Cowgirl


I learned of this from my friends south and love all her stuff! All the material she uses is so soft. I have a couple scarves myself (just got the mustard one above) one for Avery (pink and blue bird one above) and a headband for Avery.

Military Jackets

I really like this one from the Gap but tried on the XS and it was still huge on me. I have a Bay gift card so might get there soon to see if they have one, since its pretty much a need for me Winking smile


What are you loving lately?

Mama Talk – Avery Fashion

Before we talk fashion – Happy Canada Day! I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday today Smile

It is no secret I like to shop for Miss. Avery, but I also (almost) refuse to pay full price for new items for her.  I think it is crazy that little tops are $25, pants $40 when I barely would spent that on clothing for me. So that leaves me scouring clearance racks, and second hand stores for her closet. I also like to dress Avery like a mini me which also can make items harder to find.

Last week we went with Chad on a work trip to Edmonton and hit up the outlet stores at South Common and West Edmonton Mall. I had a budget in mind and stuck with it Smile Our budget was $100. My goal was to buy items for this fall/winter and next summer if the summer stock was on sale already.

Stop #1 was Old Navy, basically just to use our Super Cash. Here we got a 2T orange coat for Avery, and a Canada Day outfit for next year.



Total spent $20.

Next up was Osh Kosh. I have to say after first going to a store in the US I was very surprised to find I loved lots of their clothes. Our trip last week proved to be just as successful and I had to contain myself.

These two tops will be great this fall:



I could not pass up the pink tee and a rash guard set for Avery next summer.

Also from Osh Kosh is the longer tunic stripped top in the first photo, and the below chambray shirt.


Total spent $60

Next up was Gap. I found tons I loved from jeans, shorts to tops but at $25-30 each and only 20% off I could not justify buying most of it. I did find a couple pieces I liked for good deals, the denim dress in photo #1 for next summer and the floral top, for next spring shown above.

Total spent $18

The last store we went into was Mexx. I first spotted a winter coat for Avery and grabbed it only to see it was the right size and marked down to $30 and 50% off of that. $15! Then right behind it I found the matching pants for $10. There was no way I could pass this up.


Quick side note, last week I bought Avery a brand new (tags still on) Tommy Hilfiger winter coat at Once Upon A Child for $30. But we were not sold on it for a couple reasons, one it was white and two it might only fit her for half of the winter so this find made up my mind to return it. So I kinda cancelled this purchase out from my budget Winking smile

I also bought the coral sweater in the photo above the snowsuit for $5!

Hopefully in the next few months you will be seeing Avery showing off these pieces on Instagram on her #ootd posts!


Are you a bargain shopper?

Favourite place to shop?

Avery Fashion Round 2

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend Smile How crazy is that it is already the second week in March? I say bring on Spring!

Because of holidays Miss.Avery’s 4 month (I just typed 3 month) post will be delayed a couple days, but will be up this week once we get her in and weighed. Instead today we will still talk Avery but in a fashion sense, cause girl has some pretty cute clothes I have not shared yet.

Let’s start with our Valentine Day outfit, check out this face…


She is getting harder to get a good picture of since she does not stop moving!

He loves me, he love me not shirt – Mexx, Jeggings – Baby Gap, headband – I made

All bundled up!


Not the best outfit photo but we love this little cotton toque on her.

Toque – Grandma bought second hand for $1! Pink fleece-lined hoodie – Baby Gap


A little too excited here Smile

T-shirt & Jeggings– Baby Gap, Cardigan – H&M, headband – made by me.

Sunday dress:


You probably recognize this dress from Christmas, since its one of my favs I get her into it anytime I can, we wore this for a birthday party and Family Day brunch.

Floral print dress and grey tights (another fav) – Baby Gap, headband – Made by Alison Smile

Avery’s best model pose…


“Wait a sec Mom, get this thing off my head!”:


Red floral onesie – Old Navy – 3-6 months!!! (I am overly excited to say she moved into 3-6 month clothes for some brands), polka dot leggings – Babies R Us