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Avery – 4

Tomorrow this girl turns four:

Some days it feels like a million years ago that I held this tiny baby:

And others I have no idea where the past four years have gone as I can remember so perfectly those early days of cuddling a newborn baby by our Christmas tree and fireplace for hours on end.

I always get comments on how mature Avery seems, and I have to agree. I was thinking the other day about when Chloe was born and Avery was just 2.5 but yet seemed much older. She has taken on the big sister role so seriously this past year and a half and really is a awesome big sister.

We had a huge milestone last week at her checkup when the doctor told us she hit the 50th percentile in both height and weight and that she will be taller than me by 12. At that point she told him that he was funny and she would be the same height as me since me, her Grandma and Oma (my Mom and Grandma) are all the same height 😉

Avery loves to talk, she still has zero shy bones in her body and is a social butterfly. She constantly wins the hearts of strangers with this skill and smile:

I sometimes forget she is “just” four when I have conversations with her like I would a friend, and I know she will be my best friend one day.

Tantrums are few and far between compared to a year ago and Avery has come a long way with dealing with emotions and listening this past year. I hope this trend continues 😉

At four she loves all things princesses, Barbies, dressing up and reading books with us. She has been working hard on learning her letters (another huge change this past few months), writing her name and learning simple math. She started Preschool in September and I think it has peaked her interest in these things more!

Right now she is between being a vampire or doctor when she grows up – not surprising since she loves any kind of medical appointment – even needles.

While she definitely has a four year old attitude it is equally funny and frustrating at times and I find myself wanting to write down all the things she tells us daily.

Happy (almost) birthday Miss.Avery – cannot wait to celebrate you today ( we are off on a special birthday trip!) and tomorrow 🙂